Monday, December 31, 2012

Manpower Recruitment Agency in India

Recruitment agencies in India are managing the Indian human resource worldwide. A reliable and trustworthy recruitment agency has always been a matter of concern for Indian recruiters, government bodies as well as international recruiters. Most recruitment agencies in India maintain a large pool of manpower from all the fields. Many employers found it challenging to hunt for suitable, talented, smart and dedicated manpower. Same was true in case of job aspirants. They used to be clueless about how to fulfil their dreams of working in a foreign country like USA, Europe, Gulf, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, etc. they used to be unaware of the systematic approach to MNC jobs. But with the coming up of manpower recruitment agencies in India  like MM Enterprises the dream of working in a foreign country no longer seems distant. They have a commendable job by helping millions of Indians in finding highly satisfying jobs abroad.

Manpower recruitment agency in India works in close association with governments of India and abroad. They remain alert to every job opening for Indians in premium companies worldwide. Manpower recruitment agency also ensures hassle free visa acquisition through legal route. They ensure welfare of the Indians going to the foreign country for job. It is better to seek advice of a manpower recruitment agency in India than wasting time over useless offers. Given the reputation of Indians abroad they are preferred choice of many recruiters owing to their dedicated and hardworking nature. India is a land of exceptional talent and moral values. They are committed to their work. Hence, mostly Indians do not face much problem in recruitment by the foreign companies. Manpower recruitment agency extends training to every selected candidate teaching them ethnicity, work culture and social culture of their hiring company. Such values added by a manpower recruitment agency bring them a good name across the globe. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Best Payroll Consultant Services in India

Payroll consultancy services give you edge over others in running and managing your business smoothly. However, some people do not realize the importance of payroll consultant services in India. The best payroll consultant services in India keep your employees merrier and thereby bringing them on the level of 100% efficiency. You ought to possess a clear understanding payroll services in order to reap the best advantage out of it. Choosing the most trusted and reputed payroll consultant service in India is very important.  The closely you are relying on your payroll consultant service in India, the better it is going to be for you.

Making, maintaining and managing payroll services is an extremely critical task. It demands fulltime attention and careful recording for each and every employee of the company. Thus, processing of payroll is one critical task that you can bank upon with your payroll services in India. The payroll needs to be correct and accurate each and every time for all the employees. Any kind of mismanagement with payroll services can result in loss in business as well as dissatisfied employees thereby disturbing the entire work cycle of the company. If the employees working to get paid are not getting their remuneration on time and also the expected correct amount they tend to lose trust in the company and start looking for higher satisfactory job. Thus, we learn that a bad payroll services management can lead to uncontrollable problems in a company.

The best payroll consultant service in India like MM Enterprises is the one which ensures that each and every employee in your company receives his or her paycheques right on time every time. Payroll consultant service also manages how to save you from paying huge taxes. They help you manage your funds better. Going with the best payroll consultant service in India is the one wise decision you will make for your company’s benefit.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Expats are Highly in Demand

An expatriate broadly means any person who lives in a country other than the citizenship holding country. The term expatriate is widely used in context when professionals from various companies are sent abroad rather than hiring staff from local.

An expat is a person who is willing to work in a foreign country out of interest of exploring new terrains and earning good. It is often observed that some companies send their experienced and most trusted employees abroad to work there and enhance their level of expertise. Expatriates are highly valued and respected. They are offered a very highly salary along with comfortable lifestyle. More often than not, the employees who are ready to shift to a new country for work are given offer of picking up salary manifold of the current package.

Expatriates usually have intense love for travelling and working in a challenging environment. It is the search for great assets for the company that expatriates become the first choice for most companies. Expatriates are considered to be more reliable than a newly hired employee, the reason being, they are experienced and trained in their domain of interest. Having employees coming from different regions of the world gives the necessary boost to the work culture within the company and also help the company to grow itself with international standards.

These days international recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises are extending their help to settle many expatriates in multinational companies. An international recruitment consultancy works in rhythm with the employer’s requirements. It works consistently and diligently in finding and exploring the best employees for companies who can prove themselves to be valuable assets for them and bring additional value for growth and development. They also assist candidates with visa process and makes sure that the candidates face no problem with adjustment in the hiring company.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Your search for overseas recruitment consultants in India

Overseas recruitment consultants in India are managing the human resource from India to over all over the world. Faithful and fruitful overseas job consultant is a hot issue with both employers and employees. Earlier, when recruitment agencies were not there in picture, it was rare to see the right candidate meeting the right opportunity. Getting Visa also seemed a tuff job. But, now the time has changed. With the help of a good, trusted and reliable overseas recruitment consultant you can easily achieve your dream of working abroad.

The M.M. Enterprises is the only overseas recruitment consultants in India which works closely with government bodies to find out real job openings in foreign countries for Indian human resource. Their job is to meet the requirements of both employers and employees around the world. Seeing the working calibre and passion for work Indian manpower is always on demand. Hence, overseas recruitment consultants in India are able to place efficient people easily in their respective domains. There are openings in all fields such as medicine, engineering, civil, mechanical, construction, education, teaching, banking, mining, hospitality, etc. The list is endless and so is the demand. You can make your journey to your dream company very easy and certain with the help of an overseas recruitment consultant in India.

An overseas recruitment agency has to face a stringent challenge to find out appropriate candidates for companies who can serve and meet the demands of their job role in the best possible way. Judging and bringing out the best in an individual in a short span of time is always a challenging task for any recruitment company. Their endeavour is to satisfy the each and every client so that they keep coming back with more requirements and challenges. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to an overseas recruitment agency.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Professional Recruitment Consultant in India

Reliable and trusted international recruitment consultant in India has always been a concern for Indian job seekers. M.M. Enterprises always move forward with a trusted and talented pool of manpower fulfilling the needs of manpower seekers across the globe. M.M. Enterprises is a world famous recruitment consultant in India.

Earlier, prior to setting up of recruitment consultancies, right companies meeting the right candidates and vice-versa happening was a rare thing. But, in today’s era where there is internet technology booming up, it has shortened the distances and has made available the best opportunities for deserving candidates. M.M. Enterprises through its online job application drive has been able to engage candidates and companies from all over the world on a common platform to suit their needs. MME is spread across USA, UAE, Asia, Australia, UK, Germany, Dubai, Malaysia, etc. it is the most preferred choice of fortune 500 companies for manpower solutions and payroll management services in India. Its way of carrying out the recruitment process is highly professional and trustworthy. It is always thriving harder to satisfy its clients in an even better ways. It helps candidates in the fields like civil engineering, medicine, educational profession such as teaching, information technology, banking, manufacturing and selling.

Due to its strong alliance with government bodies in India and various multinational companies, it has come a long way in the field of recruitment consultancy. It is always working diligently to list out the real job openings in Indian as well international firms. On the other hand it also provides opportunities to job seekers to send in their resume and prove their skill set in order to claim those job openings. MME is an unbiased recruitment consultant in India thriving to balance demand and supply of manpower requirements world-wide. MME offers extended assistance to candidates who are recruited in foreign companies by getting them visa consultancy through legal route and also they ensure that the candidate face no problem in a new work environment.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Strengths and Weaknesses of Manpower Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment consultant like MM Enterprises is the one who proactively identify and select candidates for companies needing workforce of various talents. A good reputed recruitment consultancy is required to have in depth knowledge of all the employment sectors, medicine, engineering, construction and structural designs, banking and broking, education and teaching, etc. A great recruitment consultancy is the one which understands that entire future of a candidate depends on their correct career guidance.
A good recruitment agency helps a candidate polish his or her skills and talent and also, it enables a candidate to identify his/her weaknesses. Its each and every endeavour goes into finding the best fit company and job profile for candidates with suitable talent and qualification. In essence, now the dream of a lucrative abroad job is not a distant dream. A recruitment consultancy possesses pool of information regarding job openings in big MNCs around the world. They filter out the quintessential information and thus save you from fiddling with the mess of job search procedure. A recruitment agency, with the support of well experienced human resource professionals go out of the way to assist candidates with post recruitment settlement. They assist candidates with visa acquisition upon abroad placement. They make you acquainted with the company’s work environment and climatic change.
The best recruitment consultancy works hard to satisfy the needs of employees as well as employers. They closely work in accord with the guidelines set by the employer and also works towards employees’ bright future by placing them in the most deserving companies. A recruitment consultancy follows a strict procedure for recruitment. It calls candidates for interview process only after shortlisting their resumes thoroughly. The selected candidates are called for interview with the actual employer. It is completely unbiased and genuine procedure which always works in favour of both employee and employer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomes well trained professionals from all over the world. With the prevalent boom in the real estate sector, construction sector, manufacturing sector and service sectors due to magnificent growth in the tourism industry, there is large scale recruitment going on in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy with their expansive construction projects. They have charted out their construction project plans. Middle East and Gulf countries are highly focused on tourism industry. They have channelized their energies in constructing world famous epitomes like tallest building in the world, world’s most expensive airport, largest shopping mall, Dubailand which would be double the size of Disney World. All these projects in the pipeline of Saudi Arabia mark the need for highly skilled civil engineers from across the globe. Thus, large scale recruitment is expected in the construction sector.
There is huge scope for professionals in construction business both in terms of future growth and diversity. It also invites expatriates from around the world. It opens up extremely lucrative opportunities for every aspiring civil engineer.
Most people are clueless so as to how to draw benefit out of such opportunities. Recruitment consultancy is a sure short way of hitting hammer on the nail head. Instead of finding a needle in a hay stack, go about a recruitment consultancy which will guide you through the job openings which are tailor made just for your profile. It may seem unbelievable but yes, it is true. A guided approach will lead you to you dream job by making you aware about the job openings and also alongside preparing you for the interview battle. Don’t be surprised when we say that these life changing services for free. A recruitment consultancy keeps you informed of all the jobs available around the globe matching your profile and eligibility.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Importance of Database to a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency has various roles to play amongst which few crucial ones are dealing with clients, job applicants and jobs itself. A recruitment agency like MM Enterprises needs to prepare, maintain and filter its database from time to time. It keeps record of all the resumes received from various job applicants. So basically a recruitment agency has a repository of the profiles of job seekers and job providers. In essence they analyse the database repository and chart out whether there is appropriate supply for current demand. Job providers are ready with vacancies whereas there are numerous applicants who are eyeing on open seats.

Can a recruitment agency fulfil requirements of both employers and employees without an accurate and up-to-date database? Never indeed. It is not possible to manage huge data manually. Thus, it is inevitable for a recruitment agency to adopt measures to organise and standardize the database. A well planned database is easy to access, modify, and filter. A recruitment agency has to rely heavily on database. Every new application coming in from job seekers adds to a new entry in the database and every new job opening coming from the employer also goes into the database. This is how independent entries are made for every operation, as a result of which candidates who are eligible for an IT company can be fetched on a single click. Power of database maintenance can never be ignored from a recruitment agency’s perspective.
In today’s era of technology, there are softwares which can store data online both from candidates as well as from companies. They are indeed very helpful for recruitment agencies as they are capable of performing a very crucial task automatically with great accuracy. Such softwares do not store redundant and/or bad data. They are designed very intelligently.

Friday, October 19, 2012

What is the Difference between Professional & Unprofessional Recruitment Agencies?

A professional recruitment agency is the one which is closely familiar with the demands of the employer, their work environment and currently acceptable practices within the field of the recruitment say information technology, medicine or engineering. A professional recruitment agency is well aware of the highly tight requirements of the employer. The recruitment team in a professional recruitment agency is well trained to spot specific skills and traits in the candidates who can serve the companies better.

However, an unprofessional recruitment agency neither cares for the interest of the companies nor the employees. They are always interested in filling up their own pockets. They seldom pursue interest of the candidates. An unprofessional recruitment agency tends to mislead a candidate into wrong profession which might not be his or her piece of cake. They might land you in a job which never deserved a qualified and skilled professional as you are. They try to attract as much money out of you as they can in the name of foreign jobs. Thus, in order to prevent yourself falling prey to such fraudulent unprofessional recruitment agency, it is quintessential for you to spot a clear cut difference between a professional recruitment agency and an unprofessional recruitment agency.

MM enterprises is a highly professional recruitment agency based in Delhi, India which is responsible for providing capable workforce to employers and satisfying jobs to deserving unemployed candidates. They are specialised in providing jobs in vivid fields like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, medicine, teaching profession, mining, banking and insurance sector, construction sector, etc. They provide jobs in India as well as abroad. They are proud to call themselves as global manpower solutions provider. With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals they have achieved several milestones so far in placing huge workforce all over the world.

Monday, October 15, 2012

How Can We Recruit Reliable & Good Staff?

Good staff can radically increase the success rate for marketing functions as well as sales. Good and reliable staff proves to be beneficial in terms of customer service along with other business operations. A company should be very wise while recruiting staff.
Recruitment externally is never easy as you have to closely observe personal traits and productivity measures with in a limited time frame. Carefully done recruitment is a quintessential part of the business running. A set of clear cut guidelines about the process expectations and corresponding skills required can help achieve the goal accurately.
Training for recruitment is as it is important in favour of the company as interview is. Well defined and correctly structured interview process will definitely result in significant difference in the quality of workforce recruited. A recruiting company must ensure that they hire right candidate for the right position as well as the selling the right position to the right candidate. Investing a little while planning for the recruitment process can save you from the damage caused due to poor recruitment in the future. Seeking help from a recruitment agency like MM Enterprises is bliss for the recruiting company. A highly reputed recruitment agency is capable of identifying a potential candidate for a particular position in your company. They are specialized at it. Their role is to shortlist eligible candidates from a long list of applicants, and thereby arranging interview process with the employer. In essence, a recruitment consultancy bridges gap between employer and employee. They brainstorm desired traits, analyse previous employees’ success and failure rate and thus chart out a list of criteria for filling up open positions. All of these tasks are performed by highly qualified and experienced professionals and not by any amateur. Thus, recruitment of a reliable and good staff is risk free a reputed recruitment consultancy.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vocational disadvantages of nomination

Recruitment firms generally fix nominations or appointments on behalf of the employers with the aspirant candidates in order to undertake the interview or carry forward the recruitment process. It takes huge effort and time to fix these appointments as per the convenience of the employer as well as candidate. These nominations have their own pros and cons. Given below are some of the disadvantages of such nominations.
One of the basic problems being faced by recruitment consultant these days is that at times candidates do not turn up for the final interview after every thing has been scheduled. This not only creates a negative impact about the agency but, shows the unprofessional attitude of the candidate. Though the employment agency puts in every possible effort to meet the company’s as well as candidate’s requirement but, if the end result is nil then the entire hard work put in by consultants do not show up.
What can be the major reasons behind this? The likely causes could be:
 An unplanned job search
 Time constraints
 Urgent piece of work
 Personal reasons, etc.
 Reckless attitude
Every one has their own prior responsibilities however; a candidate must understand the work culture of a corporate sector. It is the loss of the aspirant professional who misses out a wonderful career opportunity as well as the employment consultants who loses the efforts put in to fix up the nominations. Besides, even the companies loose their precious time on such uncertain nominations.
Applicants must act professionally while responding to the recruitment agency and the company. Today, due to huge accessibility to jobs candidates act like this but, if they do not comprehend its long term effects then it might turn against them.
Numerous researches are made to match the candidate's profile and skills with company's requirement. Once this is done, recruitment consultants like MM Enterprises follow up the professionals to insure their availability to the respective venue on given time even then if the candidates do not show up then they certainly lack responsibility in their professional front. Besides, it is the candidate who looses a lucrative job from their hands.
The company too avoids getting involved with such a candidate for quite some time for showing up such an amateurish attitude and this leaves a negative impact on your candidature.So, recognize the significance of professionalism in the occupation you are in and make every effort to grow in your career.

Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Get Right Job Based On Efficiency

Most graduates start looking for the right job immediately after leaving their college life. Here are some tips which will help you deciding the right job for you.

One must start preparing for job interviews during the college days itself. Look out for question papers for jobs you are aiming at.  Prepare a list of companies you are targeting at and start preparing for the each level of interviews. The common questions asked in the job interviews are aptitude questions, reasoning questions, analytical questions, psychometric questions, verbal reasoning and comprehensions. You should target to solve one question paper each day.  

The next very important thing is to work on your resume. Seek help from your college placement cell and seniors on how to prepare an attractive and fulfilling resume. Your resume is your first impression. Doing all this pro actively will definitely enhance your efficiency and thus multiplies your chances of absorption in the right job of your choice.

Interview practice is inevitable, you can’t escape it. Practice giving interview with the help of your roommates or friends. Confidence is the key to crack an interview. No one perfect, but one can prove that he/ she is capable of handling the job at hand responsibly. Take the interviewer in your confidence. Therefore, interview preparation must be worked upon and it should be given due attention right on time.
Recruitment consultancy like MM Enterprises bridges the gap between employees and employers. They are a source of contact with big companies. Due to their tie-ups with MNCs and government bodies, they can easily get you in touch with your dream company. They also guide you through the interview preparation and provide you with genuine feedback, thus, enabling you to work upon your weak areas. The more polished you are, the less competition is for you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Direct Payroll, Tension Free Solution

Direct payroll or outsourcing payroll service is a tension free procedure of payroll management. Direct payroll enables you to do timely payrolls submission, easy information accessibility, easy and safe data storage, secured information sharing, etc. The direct payroll companies like MM Enterprises allow you to have an easy access to the statements like paid salary, details of pending salary, total salary payable, balance amount remaining in the account, advance salary statements, statement of monthly salary, statement regarding individual compensation, and much more on just a call. All these facilities are available to you 24 x 7 round the clock online.

Direct Payroll Company provides you with dedicated staff support to cater to your adhoc queries and needs. They are always readily available through chat, telephones and emails. You are sure to receive immediate response on any of your queries. All these add on features about direct payroll relieves you off the tension which otherwise demands huge attention. The time energy spent in maintaining payrolls for each and every employee can rather be constructively utilized in leveraging business for the company.

The most important key point is to understand that if you employ in-house manpower towards generating and maintaining employees’ payroll, then this implies that a lot of hiring and training efforts go into it. An immense risk is also involved as if the employees leave then all the efforts spent while hiring and training them go vain and you end up beginning from the same point where you started. This practice results in business loses. Direct payroll company is also responsible for dealing with tax compliance troubles. Thus you are saved from jumping into troubles related to tax compliance.

Payroll companies most often have the latest technology, enabling you to do a number of customization tasks (usually online) to make it far easier for you to process your employee payroll. This, in turn, saves you money, which ultimately makes you more competitive in the marketplace.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Is Engineering A Career Option for Most of the Graduates

There are many career options one can choose to be in after their graduation. However, engineering seems to be more promising and alluring to most of the graduates. This is the reason why most students like to pursue engineering in their studies. Above all engineering opens for you a wide spectrum of career options. Engineering opens for you jobs in telecom and communication industry, electronics companies, electrical companies, medical staff & equipments jobs, automation jobs, computer engineering jobs, computer software and hardware jobs, etc. So the list goes on and on.

It is very crucial to decide where you want to go to pursue your dreams. How to enter a company of your choice is a big question. Some of you aim at establishing your career in abroad companies. In order to reach the right company for you anywhere around the world you must consult a recruitment agency. There are many recruitment agencies in Delhi, India which help thousands of engineering students to settle abroad.

A recruitment consultancy is the one which through its alliance with MNC’s and other organisations makes you aware of the best openings in the market and moreover, prepares you for the interviews. Thus, doing this they act as a bridge between employers and employees.  Since there are many recruitment agencies out there hence once should be very judgemental while choosing a recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency should have placed substantial number of students in past many years. It should have existed in the market for considerable amount of time.  It should comprise of a polished team of experts who have acumen to judge manpower skills. You must also consider reading reviews and testimonials about the recruitment agency before approaching it. Make your choice wisely while selecting recruitment agency because your career depends on that. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why Indians are in demand for GULF

Indian professionals are the most demanded employees all around the world. There has been noticeable increase in the demand for professionals from India particularly in the Gulf countries. It is primarily because technical soundness, understanding foreign languages like English, versatility in any environment, etc are some of the pointers which make Indians the first choice of Gulf country companies.

In such a situation if you are looking out for a well paying and work satisfying job in Gulf countries then overseas recruitment consultancy can be very helpful.

There are many overseas job consultants in Delhi, India as there are numerous overseas job aspirants. It is a very common scenario where the most people are unaware of the available overseas job avenues in the market. One should be really wise and thorough with overseas recruitment consultancy as there are many fraudulent consultancies which rip off overseas job aspirants with their money by luring them of the benevolent and lucrative abroad job offers. Seek for only that Gulf recruitment agency in Delhi and/or abroad which is registered with the Ministry of Labour.

Valuable tips for appearing in interview, how to pose confidently and help with the kind of questions being asked in the interview, etc are some of the added advantages of joining a recruitment agency for overseas jobs. It is secure channel to reach out for your dreams. They help in getting a job which ascertains your joining with the company’s board and also the help in getting a working visa for the country of choice within the required time frame. Assistance with the language test is just another service you can derive from an overseas recruitment consultancy.

The economic forecasts for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are much better than those for the Middle East North Africa region (MENA) as a whole, and in fact have been positive. Thus, looking at the increasing demand for Indian professionals in Gulf region, make your chances of absorption in Gulf very easy with overseas recruitment agency.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Construction Jobs in UAE

The UAE construction industry is back in news as it is gearing up to provide some really promising jobs this year. Unlike the year 2009, which saw much of its projects being delayed or cancelled, this year has witnessed a fast economic growth in the UAE. The two major sectors, the construction industry and infrastructures are getting the maximum investment options which have taken the economic development of the country to new heights in recent years. And the UAE is expecting similar results in the year 2012 and beyond; told James Sayer, Associate Director, Robert Half UAE to emirates 24I7.
A large number of professionals are needed for a wide range of vacancies including engineering and technical specialists, accounting professionals such as tax specialists and cost accountants and contract lawyers for complex transaction jobs. These are specific jobs and are likely to be in demand for the upcoming years as well; as said by Konstantina Sakellariou, Partner, Marketing & Operations Director at Stanton Chase
The construction industry is looking for experienced project management engineers along with other technical jobs which have been in demand in the past too. Also it is believed that only some well known projects will be engaged in hiring those professionals, not the entire sector.
Louvre and Guggenheim museum's project, which is a highly publicized project in Abu Dhabi have resumed its construction work hiring qualified professional. Some specific construction projects in Dubai have also restarted due to a great demand.
If the recent Research and Markets report is to be believed, during 2010-2013, the construction industry in the UAE will be achieving a growth target of 7 percent CAGR.
The report also says that the UAE will be excelling in several other sectors despite a global economic crisis. The major sectors include transportations, communications, tourism, housing, industrial & commercial facilities, education & health care amenities, utilities, ports & airports. 

MM Enterprises 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are you recruiting sales staff?

Recruiting sales representatives for any sales manager or supervisor is a critical task. Sales staff is the revenue generating team for the company. Hence, they need to be highly alert while making selection of sales staff. Right sales staff selection ensures right work operations and trouble free working. Wrong recruitment of sales staff can spell disaster for the entire company which they might have to pay their entire life. Wrong selection is like digging a loop hole for you.

Here, recruitment officials really need to have strict and clear protocols so as to whom to select for the sales job.
Reality Check: It is very surprising that more than 85% of lead managers or supervisors do not have clear cut training regarding the employee selection process.
Therefore, in such a scenario increasingly many companies are reaching out to manpower outsourcing. After suffering loses due to wrong recruitment of sales staff, companies’ managers are realising that recruitment is an art. It is not everybody’s piece of cake.
It is important to know that experience is different from expertise. They are non overlapping terms. A person can commit a same mistake in spite of years of experience especially in the selling job. This is one of the classic examples to distinguish experience from expertise. In order to gain expertise, one needs to work deliberately in that directly whole heartedly.
Recruitment agency like MM Enterprises is the one stop destination for all your sales staff recruiting requirements. A recruitment consultancy constitutes of a panel of experts at hiring sales representatives. They possess the correct acumen to judge the capabilities as well as the loyalty of a candidate. They have an eagle’s eye to detect candidates who is like to do wrong to company or who would back off easily from his or her responsibilities. They can never go wrong in selection of sales representatives. A sales representative must be confident and should be able to convince any customer to buy the company’s product. After screening candidates against a set of parameters, then only they are hired as sales representatives.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What should be recruitment tracking strategy?

Recruitment tracking strategy plays an important role in supporting your business to track and attract the applicants appropriate for your growing business needs. Employers have to be very cautious while making candidates selection. You’ll find many candidates who approach your company just because of salary hike and not because of the kind of work offered by the company. The recruiters need to ensure that the candidates selected through recruitment drive are smart worker, hardworking, reliable, loyal and honest towards his/her work. The candidate should have clear understanding of the company’s goals and work type. All those who do not share vision of the company or who do not have similar passion as the company, should be filtered out at the early stages of the recruitment process. There is high probability that such candidates will keep on hovering from company to another just for meagre amount of salary hike.

Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the hiring organisation to communicate company’s vision with all before starting with the interview process. This allows candidates to think well before sitting for the interview. Also, the candidates who are actually looking forward to join as professional will be more enthusiastic to enter into the company. Targeted recruiting involves making it easier for applicants to choose you.

Over several years of recruitment challenge, it is commonly observed that handing over the responsibility of hiring employees to a recruitment consultancy is a fruitful investment as well as rewarding.  Recruitment agency constitutes a team of polished and experienced professionals who have precise acumen to select candidates who match the company’s requirement to the fullest. Doing which loosens your burden thereby allowing you to invest your time and energy in carrying out various demanding operations in the company. Hiring HR manager can be very expensive and risk taking step for your organisation hence keeping up with an recruitment agency is a solace for today’s corporate hiring processes. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Job description of Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for the management, executing and wrapping up the various important aspects of the project. A management level degree is required for a project manager. The managers are placed at the middle level of the job hierarchy where they would be heeding on to the top management of the company. A project manager is responsible for the day to day operations and ensures that every process goes on smoothly. The ultimate goal for any project is to maximize the output with the minimum utilization of resources and the managers are expected to do exactly that. The projects may vary according to the field of expertise and other factors. Some project may involve the internal analysis and other some other criterion which need to fulfilled accordingly.

The job description of a project manager varies according to the industry in which the manager is working in. the job profile of a manager employed in a production & manufacturing company is completely different from the project manager who is employed in an IT firm. Many managers have to undergo certification and other training to enhance their employability and worth in their respective industry. Here are some of the points which are common across a number of job descriptions which are given for the project manager.
a.       The desired person is expected to oversee the overall progress of the project. The person is inducted into the project after the planning phase.

b.      The manager must supervise the personnel that are involved in the project and they must ensure that the roles and tasks assigned to the persons are done in a productive manner.
c.       The administrators must also make sure that any changes in policies or relation doesn’t have a great impact on the project. The project manager must implement cost cuts and other techniques so as to avoid any overruns.

d.      The manager must communicate effectively with the personnel and other senior management of the company on regular basis so that he can constantly inform them about the status of the project.
e.       Managers are expected to plan timetables so as to ensure that the project remain always on schedule.
f.       The project manager must negotiate for the additional resources as and when the demand for the project arises.

Other key tasks such as maintenance, troubleshooting and beta testing needs to be done so as to ensure quality.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Effects of Online Recruitment

More and more job seekers are switching to online mode of job searching such as online job search engines or websites offering aggregate information on available job openings in various fields in various big and small organisations. On observing this trend, increasingly many employers are investing their time and effort in attracting talented people towards them. Indeed, this is how they are channelling their resources to carry out online recruitment. They are heavily relying on online recruitment drives to fulfil their requirement of manpower on regular basis.

It can’t be denied that with the shift in the process of recruitment from offline to online there has been utter ease, scope and accessibility of recruitment process. Online recruitment has resulted in defining the best protocols by the HRs so that efficient online recruitment could be made. With every evolution comes new set of rules to manage the change and derive the best benefit out of it.

Since, internet has found place in every home and also dependency on it is the prime reason that everything possible offline is finding its way online too. The recruitment process used to take very long and also gather any feeble information about recruitment drives happening used to be very difficult for aspirants. But, today internet has bridged all the gaps at practically no cost involved. Online recruitment has evolved as dynamic solution for both employers and employees. Online recruitment renders a wonderful platform where every job aspirant, be it an engineer, doctor, business administrator or artist, there is job for all and they can see them all at the comfort of home.

The process of registration for online recruitment is very clear and simple. Little information about your qualification and area of interest and you are done. On the basis of the information provided by the applicant, information about the appropriate jobs is given to them. Shortlisted candidates are called for interviews. Online recruitment is a boon for recruitment process for more information you can visit MM Enterprises

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Design an Employment Contract?

An employment agreement is an agreement between management key members and employee. This is an important effort towards continuity of management and also it is in favour of safety and protection of the company. An employment agreement covers information regarding employment, non-complete and relocation of employees in black and white.
An employment agreement has effective date, company’s name, and state of incorporation, the type of company and also name of the employee. The position or capacity of the employee needs to be stated distinctly in an employment contract. It also contains information on compensation to be made by the company for services rendered by employee towards the company. Incentives and other benefits incurred by employee are detailed in this agreement. Automobile Allowance, temporary living allowance and relocation allowance etc are also covered under compensation set of rules. Term employment, if any, is flashed in an employment agreement only. Confidentiality; Non-Competition; Non-Solicitation. Company Property. All written materials, records, data and other documents prepared or possessed by EMPLOYEE during EMPLOYEE's employment by the Company are and shall be the Company's property.
Each and every duty expected from employee is mentioned clearly in black and white. Also the obligations of the employer are stated in the employment contract. Thus, an employment contract facilitates transparency between employee and employer. They can understand each other and their duties towards each other very well with the medium of employment contract.
An employment contract becomes handy in the times of disputes and also when any party’s expectations are not met justly. In order to ensure that company runs smoothly in any situation and to avoid future risks an employment contract is a mandatory thing. Also employees can use it in their favour whenever they find themselves cheated or something is not happening as per promised.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

What is the Responsibility of Estimation Engineers?

Construction civil engineers have a great deal of responsibilities in their field. They are directly responsible for the management and planning when it comes to constructing reservoirs, dams, buildings, railroads, airports, bridges, and highways. Not only do they aid in designing but they also take part in estimating costs, scheduling, planning, obtaining materials, selecting equipment used, and controlling costs.
An estimation engineer has great deal of responsibilities on their shoulders. An estimation engineer is responsible for draughtsmen. He is required to give reports to business development manager. The objective of an estimation engineer is to estimate the value of project being tendered as a part of the business development.
The qualification required to be an estimation engineer is B.E (Mechanical / Electrical). Among the several roles and responsibilities played by estimation engineer the major ones are :
• Scrutiny of tender documents 
• Evaluating tender documents, drawings, & schedules
• Floating Enquiries to Suppliers / Manufacturers
• Comparison Studies based on suppliers Quotations
• Negotiations with suppliers on both technical and commercial aspects of product.
• Based on Clients budget constraints for any specific project, carrying out Value engineering studies.
• Maintaining ISO documentation, Record Keeping, Suppliers/Manufacturers Data Bank records.
• Delegating Draftsmen for quantity take offs, cross checking quantities.
• Pricing for electrical / mechanical / plumbing systems
• Assisting in compiling of tenders.
• Making Pre-Qualification documents, both standards as well project specific questionnaires
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Choose an Engineer?

There may be problems where second best could be acceptable solution however, while choosing an engineer for your company this idea will fail instantly. Be it a position for a technical engineer, software engineer, automotive or mechanical engineer, electronics engineer or civil engineer, the engineer position is always of prime importance in running crucial operations of your business organisation. The engineers who are responsible for shaping new products and managing their launch and delivery are holding a very important place in the company.

It is a repetitive question asked by major firms that how to attract the best engineers to their company? Hiring new recruits from colleges and universities can prove to be big risk taking and if you are planning on conducting a massive recruitment drive then again you will need hi-tech hiring software for that purpose. Moreover, you may not have well experienced people who possess the capability to select right engineers for your company.

Such a responsible task of recruiting capable and qualified engineers for your business organisation should be given to very reputed and experienced professionals such as engineering recruitment agency. Should you decide to recruit outside your company, a professional headhunter might be the solution for you. They have their own hiring software to do the job with, along with some really cool recruiting software. They possess right experience and acumen to bring to you the best engineers in the industry.

Online marketing on the social networking websites is emerging as a very strong channel of delivering the information about the company and also letting people know of the job openings in your company. Now that you have decided to hire an engineering recruitment agency, you need not worry about advertising about the job openings, they are the ones who will take care of everything on your behalf. They give out advertisements on various possible places like internet, newspapers, pamphlets, etc. The date and venue is arranged by them. The job of guiding the candidates through the recruitment process and informing them of the results after every level of interviews and written tests is borne by the engineering recruitment agency. Making the candidates familiar with the work environment and also rendering them with look and feel of the actual work to be carried out by them is also done by the engineering recruitment agency. Do not hesitate to call the best recruitment agency today.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Is Number of Interview Necessary for one Selection?

Any successful business stands on the foundation of utterly efficient and caring employees. The employees who are well satisfied with their job profile and are absolutely fit for the job type they are entrusted with. This is certainly not an easy task to do and the complete credit for recruiting such valuable resource goes to people involved in recruitment process. Undoubtedly, head hunt requires involvement of highly responsible people.

Nowadays, many a time people question us that ‘Is multiple attempts at interviews necessary for selection?’. They have a common notion that in order to carve a niche in a successful company one has to undergo several trials, which is certainly not true. To land up into a dream job what you need is correct guidance and right opportunities knocking at your door.

With correct support and guidance of recruitment agencies there is no need to endure the trauma of sitting in many interviews in a row and then facing denials from everywhere. This could be highly disgraceful situation for some people. A recruitment company comes to your rescue by making available all the information about the best vacancies matching your skill set as well as helps you before hand in preparing for the interview. Putting their best foot forward they are involved in paving a path to success for you. By delivering the accurate information to you, they thusly inform you of upcoming openings in advance so that your get ample time to prepare for the interview. They also make an available sample question paper which is indeed a great help.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What should be contract terms between employee and employer

Precaution is better than Cure.

Filling up an employment contract between employee and employer is in favour of both employer and employee. An employment contract can be both non written and written form, but it is always safer to have a written form of recruitment contract in order to have a smooth and healthy work relation between the two.
An employment contract is also known by the name work agreement. A work agreement is a written form of confirmation of terms and conditions between employer and employee. The employment contract talks about the rights, duties and responsibilities of an employee towards the organisation and also how the employer is going to compensate the employees for their sincere services offered towards the company’s growth and proper functioning.
An employment contract contains various essential aspects which are confirmed to the candidate before the commencement of the employment. The task of communicating the terms and conditions of employment are usually done by the company’s Human Resource team/ officials.
Even though the employment contract need not necessarily be in writing, however, the employee can request for a printed copy of the employment agreement within a couple of months of joining the firm. Having every terms and conditions in black and white helps avoid any potential disputes may which may creep in otherwise.
Both employee and employer are bound by the employment contract terms until the contract expires. In case the contract needs to be broken by either parties, then in such a scenario one has to give prior information or in some cases have to fulfil agreement requirements before breaking the employment contract. The contract can also be ended if both the parties i.e. employer and employee agrees to change the conditions out of mutual understanding.
Apart from the formal employment contract there lie the concept of implied terms and conditions. The implied terms and conditions those parameters which are not given in black and white but are understood as well as exit in practicality.

To be 100% precarious always ask your company to provide you with employment or recruitment contract agreement. This will definitely save you from entering into any potential hassles during or after service period. Do not hesitate to ask for it. It is your right to know and possess a copy of service agreement between you and your company. Go for it!