Monday, April 30, 2012

Is Number of Interview Necessary for one Selection?

Any successful business stands on the foundation of utterly efficient and caring employees. The employees who are well satisfied with their job profile and are absolutely fit for the job type they are entrusted with. This is certainly not an easy task to do and the complete credit for recruiting such valuable resource goes to people involved in recruitment process. Undoubtedly, head hunt requires involvement of highly responsible people.

Nowadays, many a time people question us that ‘Is multiple attempts at interviews necessary for selection?’. They have a common notion that in order to carve a niche in a successful company one has to undergo several trials, which is certainly not true. To land up into a dream job what you need is correct guidance and right opportunities knocking at your door.

With correct support and guidance of recruitment agencies there is no need to endure the trauma of sitting in many interviews in a row and then facing denials from everywhere. This could be highly disgraceful situation for some people. A recruitment company comes to your rescue by making available all the information about the best vacancies matching your skill set as well as helps you before hand in preparing for the interview. Putting their best foot forward they are involved in paving a path to success for you. By delivering the accurate information to you, they thusly inform you of upcoming openings in advance so that your get ample time to prepare for the interview. They also make an available sample question paper which is indeed a great help.

Getting hands on experience of the interview before the actual interview can boost your confidence to manifolds! Yes, we are talking about MOCK TEST. Manpower Recruitment Agency like MM Enterprises makes sure that the candidates are extremely confident while they are giving interview so that they are able to crack it at once only. Thus, you are saved of appearing in multiple interviews!! Isn’t it easy enough?
Strengthen your career without hesitation. Reach out to the most experienced and reputed recruitment consultants services today and get all your career related problems solved in a moment. No need to panic and look around in darkness without a light of guidance. There is no bigger satisfaction than being in a safe and satisfying job. It is really easy than you might have thought of. Pre plan your job with recruitment consultancy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What should be contract terms between employee and employer

Precaution is better than Cure.

Filling up an employment contract between employee and employer is in favour of both employer and employee. An employment contract can be both non written and written form, but it is always safer to have a written form of recruitment contract in order to have a smooth and healthy work relation between the two.
An employment contract is also known by the name work agreement. A work agreement is a written form of confirmation of terms and conditions between employer and employee. The employment contract talks about the rights, duties and responsibilities of an employee towards the organisation and also how the employer is going to compensate the employees for their sincere services offered towards the company’s growth and proper functioning.
An employment contract contains various essential aspects which are confirmed to the candidate before the commencement of the employment. The task of communicating the terms and conditions of employment are usually done by the company’s Human Resource team/ officials.
Even though the employment contract need not necessarily be in writing, however, the employee can request for a printed copy of the employment agreement within a couple of months of joining the firm. Having every terms and conditions in black and white helps avoid any potential disputes may which may creep in otherwise.
Both employee and employer are bound by the employment contract terms until the contract expires. In case the contract needs to be broken by either parties, then in such a scenario one has to give prior information or in some cases have to fulfil agreement requirements before breaking the employment contract. The contract can also be ended if both the parties i.e. employer and employee agrees to change the conditions out of mutual understanding.
Apart from the formal employment contract there lie the concept of implied terms and conditions. The implied terms and conditions those parameters which are not given in black and white but are understood as well as exit in practicality.

To be 100% precarious always ask your company to provide you with employment or recruitment contract agreement. This will definitely save you from entering into any potential hassles during or after service period. Do not hesitate to ask for it. It is your right to know and possess a copy of service agreement between you and your company. Go for it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is the difference between engineering and technology

The engineering branch emerged from the world of Science, it was a time when mechanical engines were being designed as well as developed profoundly. However, in the stages ‘engineering’ word began to be used for all other branches of basic mechanical engineering such as automobile, civil and electrical engineer etc. It was until this time that the fundamentals of these branches were borrowed from Science only. Gradually, then each of these disciplines began to be treated as techniques and were seen as the way to implement scientific concepts practically. The difference between the two words got diluted and became one. Thus, the word ‘technology’ seemed to be more appropriate for these disciplines of engineering and rest is history.
Now also we see the field of engineering as technology to scientific concepts or we can say a practical approach to scientific concepts.
This transition is not just for writing sake but also for changing the way we think. No wonder, all the various fields of engineering are recognised as professional courses. There is a huge demand for professional courses such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, etc. It is primarily because there is booming demand for candidates pursuing professional courses. Engineering recruitment Agencies can never stop, because it will always remain in demand for several years to come.
One of the surest ways to seek engineering placement is to seek the help of an engineering recruitment consultancy. It is always a reliable shot to invest a little in hiring the services of engineering recruitment agency and then making your life easier and simpler thereafter. The results are certainly conspicuous for everyone to see and appreciate. You can always fall back on a renowned and committed engineering recruitment consultancy to prepare you for your interviews with the top MNC’s of the world who are offering the best packages in the market. By any standards, engineering recruitment agencies are the best at bridging the gap between the qualified engineering professionals and the high paying employers on a common platform. The employers need not head hunt for legible and responsible professionals for their companies and at the same time, potential employees need not worry and wander about in the search of jobs. A reputed and experienced engineering recruitment agency like MM Enterprises does it all for them. They leave no stone unturned to bring you the best.