Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guarantee Secured Recruitment with MME

You see so many companies claiming online recruitments. They try to lure you through out of proportion weekly income. Then they ask you to make some upfront payment for offering training or start up kit. There are many fraudulent companies on internet which will charge you of processing fees by making false promises of foreign jobs.

You should be very careful while choosing the right consultancy services. Guarantee your secured recruitment with MM Enterprises. MM Enterprises is an international recruitment agency and manpower consultant in India. We exist as reliable consultants for over fifteen years. Our clientele is wide spread in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, UK, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China etc

Encountering us is a boon for your career, as our team of skilled and proficient professionals guide you through your career options and put forth the best possibilities matching your academic profile as well as your experience (if you have been employee already).

Whether you are from banking sector, medical, engineering, information technology sector, civil engineering, manufacturing and production domain, mining sector, teaching or educational domain, we have multinational jobs for all. You need not go from door to door in search of your dream company because we render you a common platform where you find several multinational companies offering vivid profile. Choose your destination and company and we arrange your interview with your employer very soon. It might sound unbelievable to you but we would invite you come and experience it yourself by giving us only a single opportunity. All the employers we are associated with are authentic and are committed to provide jobs that you deserve. We perform a rigorous background check on every company we work with. Hence, there is no question of fraudulent recruitment once you are in touch with us. 

At MM Enterprises we believe in giving excellent customer experience. Our committed consultancy services are our sole source of advertisement. We trust in word of mouth. Our happy clients help us spread our name to nooks and corners.

Our services are designed keeping in mind your valuable time and investment. Consequently our recruitment process is highly customized and systematic. Firstly, we release notice regarding available vacancies in various companies and thus invite applications from interested candidates along with their updated resume. After short listing your resume, we fix up your interview appointment with our experienced and highly qualified consultant. On clearance of this interview a final interview is arranged with the respective employer wherein you can discuss and ask your job related queries also. Our function does not end here itself but also we help you arrange visa for your job destination, such promising and assured services are provided by MM Enterprises.

Don’t wander anywhere else when the most secure recruitment service is right here. Land in the best company with the help of MM Enterprises manpower solutions. A smile of satisfaction motivates us to do ever better every time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Now Recruitment in Middle East Countries

MM Enterprises exits as a global manpower consultancy services. Our span of clientele is spread across the world. We also run our recruitment process in Middle East countries like Gulf and Arab countries. The demand for recruitment is on rise from Dubai, UAE. With new opportunities coming up every day, many employers are rushing to hire more and more professionals to meet their requirements. There has been increase in the intake of professionals related to auditing and infrastructure development.
MME is a trusted recruiter, we are dedicated to hire excellent professionals for employers all over the world. We also help shortlisted candidates in availing visa thus cutting the hassle involved in this process plus make them familiar with climatic and custom change they are going to experience there. As these customized services manifest us as the distinct manpower consultancy as against our competitors.
In the dearth valuable human resource we make our every effort in hand picking every single employee for your organisation. MME leaves no stone unturned in selected the best gems (professionals) across the globe. On the basis of your process requirement we hire employees with various expertises like doctors, engineers, civil engineers, banking and broking, information technology, production and manufacturing, education and teaching, etc. The demand for engineers in the domain of oil and gas companies is increasing in the Middle East countries.
MME is a team of qualified and experienced professionals. In order to deliver the best quality services to our clients we run a rigid recruitment procedure. Firstly, we broadcast online and offline advertisement clearly stating the requirements, educational qualification and eligibility. On receiving applications within the intended period, we shortlist resumes of the candidates very carefully. The shortlisted candidates are intimated about the one-to-one interview with our management team. Only well qualified and eligible professionals are given the opportunity to appear in the interview with the employer. Our role does not end here itself. We make provision for visa acquisition for the selected professionals to travel to their company in Middle East. Hence, you can say we are always there by your side till you depart from here.
MME is certainly aware of its responsibilities towards client as well potential candidates. We are committed to satisfy you through our flawless recruitment solutions. We guarantee you on time delivery of our services. Fulfilling all your requirements is our prime objective. We go over board to search for right candidates for your esteemed organisation.
We also train the selected professionals to get accustomed to the change in the climatic conditions in the Middle East.
We express our gratitude towards our each and every client who lays their strong faith in us and renders us opportunity to prove our expertise over and again. The testimonials received from the Arabic clients are evidence of our high quality services and our dedication and passion for our work. MM Enterprises offers an excellent platform to both employers and employees where they get the best they want.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Select Planning Engineer

Planning or production engineers are involved with issues of design, control and improvement of integrated systems. This approach provides customer with quality goods and services in a timely and cost-effective way. Production planning engineers can produce an effective resume by highlighting their professional experience, as well as their academic background and special skills.
As per expert recruitment agencies traditional resumes accentuate professional experience and are suitable if you are a production planning engineer who has been in the field for a couple of years. For many, a resume that combines aspects of the chronological resume and skills resume works well.You should make sure that your knowledge reflects your professionalism as a production planning engineer.
Production Planning Engineer Objective
Generate an attention-grabbing objective, observing the skills the employer is looking for in the current position while you are in an interview. You might say that you are a production planning engineer looking for a position with the opportunity to use your budgetary, production control and staff training skills for a managerial position.
Professional Experience
Your "Professional Experience" should list your jobs in reverse chronological order according to professional Engineering employment firm. If the companies you worked for are leaders in the field, you might want to list the companies first; if your titles are impressive, you may want to list the job titles first. The key is to tailor the resume to suit your strengths. Be sure to include your major duties and accomplishments, such as planning, scheduling, inventory analysis, manpower assessment, material requirements and cost estimation. However, to present yourself effective is equally important.
To showcase your skills, you may want to present a "Professional Profile" vefore the company officials or recruitment consultants. Select a few skills that are pertinent for the job you're after. If you're good at troubleshooting utility problems, say so. If you manage manufacture leaders, operators or technicians to meet operational targets then list that too. You may also want to include your proficiency in foreign languages if you feel the new position warrants it. List your technological expertise here or in a separate "Technology" section.
Academic Background
Your "Academic Background" should list schools in reverse chronological order with the degree you earned, including any major in engineering. Engineering internships can be included in this section, along with your major duties and accomplishments.
The best way to select Planning Engineer is to outsource it to an Engineering Employment firm like MM Enterprises and be rest assured.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Search Business Developer Manager

Remember the days when you have just started your career, you did know much about the Business development industry. Today, Professional recruitment agencies perform a wide range of services for its candidates as well as enterprises. The clients include environmental consultants, government agencies, property management firms, industrial hygienists, the hospitality industry, educational institutions, health care facilities, various commercial and industrial clients and many others. Agencies work in coordination with the offices staffed with senior technical managers, regulatory compliance experts, business development managers, administrative personnel, etc that helps in hiring experienced staff for their company. Since they project and work for unparallel growth of the organization, the search for experienced Business Development Managers are always in demand.
BD Manager Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
Accountable for developing and implementing a strategic Business Development Plan to include: target markets, target accounts, sales revenues goals and objectives in your specific territory with heavy emphasis on prospecting.
Responsible as "The Champion" for the sales / marketing efforts of the individual Professional recruitment agency Operation, that results in RFQs / RFPs in the private business sector.
Responsible for joining and being active in Industry Related Organizations (IROs) in order to meet and network with prospective clients who need our services.
Responsible for the continued growth of revenues, new customer base and diversity of service lines within your territory
Responsible for "leveraged relationship" selling where consultative / professional sales skills influence decision makers.
Administer and maintain the on-line Contact/Sales Management Tool and provide required reporting such as Daily Sales Activity, Monthly Quote Log, and other reports on sales activity using the database application for quote tracking as required.
2 or more years experience in outside sales of services to commercial / industrial organizations required.
4-year college degree preferable but not necessary.
Experience in environmental, contracting or construction field desirable.
Excellent written/verbal skills, computer proficiency required.
Prefer demonstrated track record of selling environmental services and knowledge of industrial / manufacturing / commercial markets.
Interpersonal skills backed up with a good experience work wonders in every industry
How to Apply
Either search for online employment firms or you may also consult a Professional recruitment firm like MM Enterprises for the opportunities and scope in this particular field. You may even know the Compensation and Benefits depending upon your experience. You may consult expert Business Development Recruitment consultants in your nearest location for details.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Job Description of Design Engineer

As a design engineer, you shall research and develop ideas for new products and production systems. You shall also improve the performance and effectiveness of existing products.
As with most engineering jobs, you could work in a variety of industries from electronics to textiles, and on any project from redesigning a mobile phone to building motorcycle parts, etc.
Your exact duties are likely to include:
  • Research - using mathematical modelling to work out whether new developments and innovations would work and be cost effective.
  • Design - turning research ideas into technical plans using CAD/CAE software.
  • Testing - collecting and analysing data from tests on prototypes.
  • Modifying designs and re-testing - there are several stages before a product is ready for manufacturing.
  • Reporting - writing or presenting regular progress reports for project managers and clients.
  • Environmental evaluation - taking into account the environmental contact of new products and their manufacturing processes and how they would be safely disposed of.
Skills and interests
As per expert engineering employment consultants to be a good design engineer you need:
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • A creative approach for generating new ideas
  • A sound knowledge of CAD software
  • An excellent grasp of engineering and design principles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An perceptive of manufacturing processes and building methods
  • Good team working skills
  • An appreciation of business demands
  • An awareness of the environmental impact of design ideas.
You will normally need a foundation degree, BTEC HNC/HND or degree. You could choose from a wide range of subjects, including engineering product design, industrial design, computer-aided design engineering, engineering design and manufacture and materials science.
Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering could also be adequate.
For details of accredited scope in this field consult a professional recruitment agency.
Once you're working, you'll continue to train on the job. If you have a degree, you may be able to start on a graduate apprenticeship in engineering - The Institution of Engineering Designers has details.
You can also help your career development via working towards integrated or chartered status. To do this, you must register with your specialized industry body or consult an expert recruitment consultant like MM Enterprises.
As an incorporated engineer, you will specialize in the day-to-day management of engineering operations. At chartered level, you will have a more strategic role, planning, researching and developing new ideas, and streamlining management methods.
As an experienced design engineer, you will find opportunities across a lot of industries, including construction, construction engineering and building services; electronics and consumer goods manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, railways and motor vehicles and power generation.
With experience and proper guidance through best Engineering employment firm , you could gain promotion to become a project manager, strategic planner or consultant design engineer.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Recruit Professional Teachers

The education system is facing a crisis in the number of teachers and education faculty in today’s era. With the departure of younger teachers frustrated by the stress of working in low-performing schools is fueling a calamity in teacher ratio that is impacting school districts substantially as they scramble to fill their ranks for the fall term.

Supervisors and Education recruitment agencies across the nation say the challenge of putting a qualified teacher in every classroom is heightened in subjects like math and science and is a particular struggle in high-poverty schools, where the turnover is lowest. Thousands of classes in such schools have opened with substitute teachers in recent years.

Here in metro cities, turnover had become quite stable in some highly reputed schools where principals were hiring new teachers for nearly every class, every term. To staff its neediest schools before classes start next session, recruiters have been advertising nationwide, organizing teacher fairs and offering one of the nation’s largest recruitment bonuses to instructors who sign up to teach overall subjects.

Education recruitment consultants also struggle a lot in finding teachers with matching criteria. The reasons differ as per the state, school and regulations. For some the pay is low, few can not handle the stress and others are just not interested.

Hundreds of candidates who have been selected for the post of teachers are seeking immediate vacation of the stay granted on their recruitment. Probably there is a need to change the overall cretiria of selecting the teachers as per primary, middle and senior level education so as to fulfill the ratio and provide education to all.

The candidates those have been selected to be appointed through a legitimate process, the state government should immediately take steps to get recruited.

Professional recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises provide faculty and administrator recruitment, leadership search, and strategic consulting services to independent, international, and like-kind schools. 

Many employment firms are recognized as the preeminent recruiter of teachers and administrators for PK-12 schools worldwide. Such firms have unparalleled expertise in retained head of school and top administrator executive search services for clients in India and abroad.

These Consulting Group offers professional, management consulting in governance, institutional assessment, compensation analysis, board evaluation and strategic planning. So, what are you waiting for? Just make the most out of it and hire well trained and qualified teachers for your schools, institutes, etc.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Job Responsibility of Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineering comprises of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as functional to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their relevant engineering subsystems. Thus, the recruitment is this field has to be specified and under particular parameters. Thus, one should choose a specialized Engineering Recruitment Agency to do the needful.
Automotive engineers work in three main areas:
· product engineering or design engineering - designing and testing a part, pertaining it meets all its requirements and executes as required;
· development engineering - engineering the attributes of the automobile;
· manufacturing engineering - determining how to make it.
Once established, automotive engineers usually specialize in a particular area, for example structural design, exhaust systems or engines. They are usually involved in at least one of three general areas of employment - research, design or testing. In smaller, independent engineering firms, automotive engineers may do all three of these tasks.
Typical work activities
Automotive engineers usually specialize in a particular area of work. However, as per professional recruitment consultants typical work activities may include:
· designing and producing visual interpretations of automobiles and their components using computer-aided design packages;
· deciding on the most appropriate materials for component production;
· pertaining mechanical, thermodynamic, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical principles to resolve engineering problems and find appropriate solutions;
· structuring prototypes of components, developing test procedures and conducting tests using software packages and physical testing methods;
· researching, designing and developing machinery and systems for automobiles;
· preparing material, cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications;
· revising the energy, environmental and safety aspects of the planned work;
· supervising and inspecting the installation, modification and commissioning of mechanical systems in industrial facilities or plants;
· investigating mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems;
· guiding technicians, technologists and other engineers, and reviewing and approving designs, calculations and cost estimates;
· mediating with suppliers and handling supply chain management issues;
· captivating responsibility for individual projects, managing associated budgets, production schedules and resources (including staff), and supervising quality control;
· examining and even test driving vehicles and checking for faults.
There is a wide range of career options open to automotive engineers. It is possible to advance to supervisory and senior management positions within a company or to specialize in a particular area. With experience, it is possible to progress to senior engineer roles, project team management, general management and recruitment consultancy.

For more details you may consult expert Engineering Employment Firms like MM Enterprises

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Planning Manager Job Description

No matter what field you choose or what industry you prefer, planning manager always have typical roles and responsibilities. Here is a brief of typical job description for common planning categorization.
Education Requirements
Most planning spots in local, state or federal government or in the private or nonprofit sectors, require a graduate degree. So, it is a must for a planning manager. However, limited opportunities exist for planners with less formal education.
Planning openings and employment opportunities vary depending on educational and experiential qualifications and by typical functions and required knowledge and skills.
Any reputed or certified institute for Planners has a set standard job description that might differ from person to person as per the industry, sector, type of job, etc. Not all organizations devoted to planning issues offer employment at all levels. Thus, it becomes necessary to take expert advice. Professional recruitment consultant offers specialized employment services as per the requirement of the company as well as the candidate.
As per expert recruitment agency, for a Planning Manager the role and responsibility would be:
Typical Functions
  • Performs and manages complex and sensitive professional planning projects, research and analysis
  • Monitors and ensures compliance with local, state and federal laws
  • Oversees specialized planning functions such as large-scale new development proposals and environmental studies
  • Provides overall management of division-related planning issues
  • Advises the Planning Director on all planning-related matters
  • Advises various councils, boards, commissions and elected officials in planning-related issues
  • Supervises the Transportation Modeling Division of Planning Department
  • Serves as liaison and performs all necessary functions in support of Planning Commission
  • Assigns work to professional staff and ensures appropriate training is provided
  • Evaluates operations and activities of assigned responsibilities
  • Prepares reports on operations and activities, recommending improvements and modifications
  • Handles sensitive personnel matters
  • Participates in budget preparation and administration, monitors and controls expenditures
  • Attends substantial number of evening and weekend meetings
  • Serves as acting Planning Director in his or her absence
Typical Knowledge
  • Thorough knowledge of urban planning and development and local government policies and procedures
  • Thorough knowledge of specialization such as housing, zoning, historic preservation, and economic development
  • Research methods and statistical principles related to urban growth and development
  • Methods and techniques of effective technical report preparation and presentation
  • Pertinent federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations including recent changes
  • Principles and practices of supervision, training and personnel management
  • Budgeting procedures and techniques
  • Recent developments, current literature and sources of information related to municipal planning and administration.
  • Knowledge of local government procedures and practices
  • Citizen involvement techniques and processes
  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software programs, which may include Microsoft Office, Internet applications, econometric or transportation modeling, database management, or GIS
Typical Skills
  • Must be innovative, detail-oriented, experienced in highly visible/controversial projects
  • Capable of managing multiple, high-priority assignments
  • Strong interpersonal skills to develop good working relationships at various levels and to resolve complaints
  • Strong analytical skills to interpret research data for reports and apply mathematic techniques in practical situations
  • Reading comprehension to understand technical and legal materials.
  • Ability to work on several projects or issues simultaneously
  • Ability to provide effective supervision and staff management
  • Ability to manage projects effectively and meet firm deadlines
For more details, consult a professional recruitment agency like MM Enterprises

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pharmacy as a profession

Pharmacy Council of India regulates the pharmacy education in India till the graduation level. The other body which looks over it is the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education.)

Admission to B-pharm Courses is either on the basis of merit or entrance exam conducted by the technical education board of each state or a common entrance exam (AIEEE). On completing the course, you must undergo practical training in a recognized hospital, pharmacy or dispensary. At the graduation level there is no specialization. There is also an option of Diploma in Pharmacy (D-pharm), but highly unadvisable as there is talk of phasing out this course in near future.

Eligibility for M-Pharm

Higher education can be pursued by opting for M-pharm, followed by a PhD for those who wish to get recruited into academics or research. While doing M-pharm you will have to choose specialization in any the fields like pharmaceutics, industrial Pharmacy, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutical Engineering.
GPAT rank is prerequisite to get into almost all the colleges/universities for pursuing M-pharm.

Personal Qualities desired in a Pharmacy Professional

In order to be a successful pharmacist, one must have a liking for science particularly life sciences, medicine and chemistry. An ability to do hard work, patience, and a sense of responsibility are required. Patience is essential in the field of drug development as launching a new drug into the market for human consumption may take 11- 15 years as it has to undergo laborious and time consuming clinical trials. Strong analytical abilities and strong academic foundations are needed in the field of research and drug formulation. To be a successful medical representative one needs to have good communication skills and a flair for convincing people, Retail pharmacists need to have business skills together with good product knowledge and patient counseling skills. Pharmacy analysis and quality control departments require highly ethical and responsible candidates because all drugs with undesirable side effects have to be strictly monitored and should not be let into market.

Opportunities Abroad

Golden opportunities galore for qualified Pharmacy professionals in various countries including the U.S.A., Canada, and European Countries.
There is plenty of scope for higher education and research opportunities in the developed countries along with excellent job openings. The pharmaceutical career is one of the highest rewarding careers in these countries. The monetary job benefits abroad are highly exciting.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top Career With Structure Design

Structural Engineering is a work area of engineering dealing with the investigation and design of structures that can support or resist loads. This sort of engineering is usually considered a specialized form of civil engineering but, it can also be deliberated in its own right.
Being a structural engineer one has to be more commonly involved in the designing of buildings and large non-building structures, machinery, medical equipment, vehicle or any piece where structural reliability influences the item's function or safety. Here in the engineers must ensure that their designs gratify the given design criteria, predicated on safety (for e.g. structures must not collapse without due warning) or serviceability and performance (e.g. building sway must not cause discomfort to the occupants). Buildings are made to undergo massive loads as well as changing climatic and natural disasters.
As per expert recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises, there are numerous top career options in Structural Designing. Structural Designer, Engineer, Infrastructure Project Manager, Supervisor, Structural HOD, Civil Structural Manager are few options that one can try after attaining a proper degree. Besides, there are many more side stream career options that one can opt for in this industry.
Educational Qualification- Degree in Civil engineering/M.Tech Structure with an experience in development of drawings using PDMS for various components of jackets and top sides, connection details in jackets and topsides.
Recruitment consultants evaluate engineers on how well they can understand structural design given by consultants, candidate’s working knowledge of latest design software, knowledge to prepare BOQ & tender documentation and of course academic qualification.
Structural engineers are responsible for engineering design and analysis. Entry-level structural engineers may design the individual structural elements of a structure, for example the beams, columns, and floors of a building. More experienced engineers would be responsible for the structural design and integrity of an entire system, such as a building.
Structural engineers often specialize in particular fields, such as bridge engineering, building engineering, pipeline engineering, industrial structures, or special mechanical structures such as vehicles or aircraft.
For those who want to try their luck in this field should try expert consultation from a professional employment firm or recruitment consultant before opting in this field. There is no doubt that the structural engineering field has grown way to lucrative since ever however, if you do not have the right knowledge about this field you may end up doing a substandard job compared to your potential.
So, go ahead and apply for top career options in structure designing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which is the right selection Diploma or Degree Holder.

In the quest of finding their dream job, professionals often get confused in the initial stages of choosing the right education. Today, there are countless universities offering hundreds of courses, specifications, degrees and diplomas. In this case, it very usual to get confused while choosing your stream.

Before getting into a conclusion it is required that you take expert consultation. Just go to a professional recruitment consultant, discuss your interests, add-ons, negatives and then decide upon the courses you should go for. Select the best among the list as per your preference. Many people get confused as which course to go for- is degree or diploma is the right option for them. Well, both has different parameters and business goals. Any degree course offers you a detailed study in the respective industry and a diploma course would just give you a specialization in a particular area.

Given below is the difference between a degree and a diploma course:
Degree (Bachelor's)
years of study
3-5 years (integrated)
1-3 years
You are allowed to choose your specialisation / electives during your study. (esp. in honours and technical field)
The subject of study is set at the beginning of the course with no specific changes.
conducted by
Universities (Govt. recognised)
Private Colleges / Institutions and Government Universities
scope of study
It covers a wide area of study related to various field

viz., engineering, science, history, psychology, commerce, management, environment etc.

with scope of specialisations and research in different areas of study..

civil, mechanical, aviation etc., (engineering)
Astronomy (science)
architecture, culture (history)
accounts, finance (commerce)
business, human resources, finance (management)
climate change, pollution (environment)
In short, degree has wider scope of study focusing trade and research.
It covers a course designed by the institute that is related to a specific trade/profession…

technical (engineering)
management (HR, finance etc.,)
In short, diploma is trade/profession specific.
route to higher studies
Bachelor’s Degree



Bachelor’s Degree

Post Graduate Diploma
Post Diploma
recognised by
All major institutions (including global) and industries (private and public) for higher studies and professional work.
Private institutions and industries for higher studies and professional work

Today, recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises prefer both as per the requirement of the company and job. Every field of work requires basic, detailed and specialized knowledge and has designations accordingly. Thus, always know your priorities, your need to do a course before actually doing it.