Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Overseas Recruitment: an Opportunity to Learn and Earn

If you are a graduate or already a working professional, there are ample job opportunities for you abroad with greater professional as well as monetary benefits. This article concerns with the benefits of recruitment in international companies. Overseas recruitment is an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.
1. Overseas recruitment helps you gain independent status. Living alone and taking the responsibility of your daily course will definitely result in independent status. You will learn and grow many folds. It is an opportunity to earn in huge amounts and utilize your extracurricular skills as well to the best of your ability. Thus, it is an open opportunity to groom you on a global level.
2. Just in case you want to master a certain skill which is specific to a particular country or region, then there can be no way out other than recruitment in that country. There are certain job types which exist in specific countries only for example oil mining is specific to Arabic countries only. Overseas recruitment gives an edge to your career.
3. In order to be a diplomat you ought to know the different traits, cultures and attitudes of various nationalities. Thus, having lived and worked overseas helps a lot in pursuing your career as a diplomat.
4. Overseas recruitment also opens an opportunity to learn new languages across the world. Learning foreign language is always like a feature in your hat. It will bring you lots of benefits in your career. Thus, we see that international recruitment is not only an earning opportunity but also opens up immense learning scope.
5. Not to mention, that overseas recruitment is way more rewarding in terms of monetary gains as compared to India. If you want to earn large, then international recruitment is your answer to your aspirations. In foreign companies you will find better rates for your work and also numerous opportunities to move forward in your career.
But amidst all these ample benefits and growth opportunities, it is highly mandatory for you to exhibit the desired qualities and qualification to the recruiting firm. The well deserving candidates possessing wide range of skills with perfection can only make their way to overseas recruitment. Thus overseas job aspirants must work on polishing their technical, communicational, interactive and soft skills. Overseas recruitment is your gateway to reach out to your dreams then contact MM Enterprises.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tips For Hiring An Outsource Agency

Outsourcing is a boom word these days. And the reason is clear enough, because it is cost effective and no pain. Surprised? No, you don’t need to be. This lesson is just about benefits of hiring an outsource agency and tips for careful selection of reputed outsource consultancy. There are immense benefits of outsourcing manpower consultancy. That is why more and more big and small companies are hiring the services of outsourcing agencies. Instead of investing in hiringin-house human resource managers which is very expensive, outsourcing external agency for bearing the burden of recruiting resources/ assets for the company is a wise choice. Moreover, this business turning decision enables you to invest your valuable time and money in expanding verticals of the company. All the more, outsourcing manpower agency can prevent you from unwanted risks that may creep in.
It is well understandable fact that no organisation can do away with the essential element of manpower hiring. This task cannot be handled well than by a manpower consultancy. But it is important to understand that hiring assets for the company is a gigantic task and should be carried out with utter responsibility. Hence, doing an extensive research for a reputed outsource agency is quintessential. Select that right manpower outsource consultancy which understands your company’s requirements well and renders just the right solution and service. The success of your company/ business lies in the hands of the people working in the company. It is not the walls, location or infrastructure of the organisation which results in the progress of the company, but it is the diligent and smart workforce who put their heads and hands determine the success of the organisation. An experienced and professional outsource agency like MM Enterprises only can carry out this task brilliantly without any fault or failure.
An outsource agency should be professional enough to filter out and identify the potential candidates who possess the correct skill set. It should be able to achieve the object of hiring deserving candidates well in time. It should be able to handle and maintain payroll of the employee efficiently. Administration benefits should also be the list of service rendered by manpower outsourcing consultancy. It should be capable of managing legal matters and worker’s compensation.
A promising outsource agency can turn the table and help your company touch skies of success in no time. You will always remember it as the wisest investment of your life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The Indian economy is the ninth largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Produce) and is also a part of the G-20 major economies. The basic sectors of Indian economy are the agriculture, industry, banking and finance, energy and power and services.The agricultural sector is the largest source of employment in the country and employs about 50% of the total workforce. The second largest source of employment after agricultural sector is the textile industry which employs around 20 million people. Out of the total Indian workforce, 14% is employed by the Industrial sector which accounts for 28% of the GDP. The service sector employs 23% of the total workforce and accounts for 55% of the GDP.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT industry are counted as the fasted growing industries and thereby have huge job potential. BPOs offered maximum job opportunities in the year 2011. The contributions made by tourism industry especially medical tourism, health-care, mining, education sector etc. are also significant and their growth has led to an increase in job opportunities. Other than these industries, the franchise industry has also been able to create significant amount of job opportunities. The Indian population being entrepreneurial in nature serves as one of the largest franchising market.Statistical data suggests that this industry generates about 8.5 lakh job opportunities annually. The Planning Commission of India is targeting to create over 100 million jobs in the manufacturing sector by the next 15 years.

It was noted in a study that in 2010 Mumbai offered maximum job opportunities and in 2011 it was New Delhi. The job opportunities were majorly in the IT and related sectors. In both the years the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore ranked third followed by Chennai. It has been recorded that Tier-1 cities create maximum job opportunities, about 76%. The tier-2 and tier-3 cities are also not far behind; these cities have shown a tremendous growth in job creation showing maximum employment opportunities in the financial sector. Among tier-2 cities Pune followed by Lucknow and Pondicherry proved to be the lead job providers. Among the tier-3 cities Ranchi was ranked with maximum employment in the IT sector(17.8%) followed by Mangalore and Mysore.


Even with emerging career options, some old careers remain highly in demand. Careers in health care, information technology, biomedical engineering, accounting, marketing, etc. are some of the career paths that are sure to continue successfully in the long run. With the heightened demands and limited resources alternate ways of satisfying demands need to be discovered. This need for alternate resources and sustainable development has led to the rapid growth of employment and opportunities in the field of Green Technology. Careersfocusing on waste management, bio-fuels, wind energy, geothermal systems etc, are sure to grow by about 30%. Given that India has one of the largest a education system in the world, a significant growth in education sector can be expected.

According to the pay scale, the high paid jobs are in the field of medicine, IT, management, aviation, accounting, SAP(System Applications and Products in Data Processing) consultancy, law, sports, modelling and the oil and natural gas sectors.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Work of International Recruitment Consultants

Nowadays once the education is completed most of the students look towards the international scene in order to find their dream jobs. This is not at all surprising mostly given the lucrative pay packets offered by the foreign companies to the worthy candidates. This is not the only incentive. Nowhere else will the employees find such a conducive environment for growth and development and such high quality of the work involved with gives the optimum opportunity for the right utilization of the individual talents. This passion for working aboard in the majority of the candidates has spawned the necessity for the International Recruitment Consultants. The main function of these recruitment consultants is the recruitment of the right talent, the acknowledgement of their skills and giving them a favorable opportunity abroad. Every industry whether be it Medical, Engineering, Hospitality, Construction or Gas and Oil if there is placement to be had and you are the ideal candidate the right recruitment consultant is bound to make you land that job with minimum of fuss. These consultants can find job opportunities from across the globe. The ultimate factor that decides the employment is the capability of the student and the choice as well as the requirement of the employing industry.

Through these international recruitment consultants like MM Enterprises one can find jobs in semi-skilled, unskilled as well as the skilled job sectors in various corporate houses. Instead of looking for international jobs on your own going via these consultants is going to give better opportunities indeed in fulfilling the vision regarding the landing of the dream international job. They tend to be your one stop destination for every recruitment chance internationally. The high quality and professional services offered by the recruitment consultants is bound to help you a lot. You will find the maximum possible information with minimum of problems. Various employment opportunities are present with these consultants and their main job is to match the right candidate with the right job. These recruitment consultants need to please both the companies for whom they are recruiting as well as the candidates seeking employment. With pressure from both the sides it is inevitable that they will perform their best and give the candidates the best possible opportunities from their armory. So if you are a deserving candidate once you seek the services of the right headhunter, you are bound to fulfill all your dreams at one go.