Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Search Business Developer Manager

Remember the days when you have just started your career, you did know much about the Business development industry. Today, Professional recruitment agencies perform a wide range of services for its candidates as well as enterprises. The clients include environmental consultants, government agencies, property management firms, industrial hygienists, the hospitality industry, educational institutions, health care facilities, various commercial and industrial clients and many others. Agencies work in coordination with the offices staffed with senior technical managers, regulatory compliance experts, business development managers, administrative personnel, etc that helps in hiring experienced staff for their company. Since they project and work for unparallel growth of the organization, the search for experienced Business Development Managers are always in demand.
BD Manager Responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
Accountable for developing and implementing a strategic Business Development Plan to include: target markets, target accounts, sales revenues goals and objectives in your specific territory with heavy emphasis on prospecting.
Responsible as "The Champion" for the sales / marketing efforts of the individual Professional recruitment agency Operation, that results in RFQs / RFPs in the private business sector.
Responsible for joining and being active in Industry Related Organizations (IROs) in order to meet and network with prospective clients who need our services.
Responsible for the continued growth of revenues, new customer base and diversity of service lines within your territory
Responsible for "leveraged relationship" selling where consultative / professional sales skills influence decision makers.
Administer and maintain the on-line Contact/Sales Management Tool and provide required reporting such as Daily Sales Activity, Monthly Quote Log, and other reports on sales activity using the database application for quote tracking as required.
2 or more years experience in outside sales of services to commercial / industrial organizations required.
4-year college degree preferable but not necessary.
Experience in environmental, contracting or construction field desirable.
Excellent written/verbal skills, computer proficiency required.
Prefer demonstrated track record of selling environmental services and knowledge of industrial / manufacturing / commercial markets.
Interpersonal skills backed up with a good experience work wonders in every industry
How to Apply
Either search for online employment firms or you may also consult a Professional recruitment firm like MM Enterprises for the opportunities and scope in this particular field. You may even know the Compensation and Benefits depending upon your experience. You may consult expert Business Development Recruitment consultants in your nearest location for details.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Job Description of Design Engineer

As a design engineer, you shall research and develop ideas for new products and production systems. You shall also improve the performance and effectiveness of existing products.
As with most engineering jobs, you could work in a variety of industries from electronics to textiles, and on any project from redesigning a mobile phone to building motorcycle parts, etc.
Your exact duties are likely to include:
  • Research - using mathematical modelling to work out whether new developments and innovations would work and be cost effective.
  • Design - turning research ideas into technical plans using CAD/CAE software.
  • Testing - collecting and analysing data from tests on prototypes.
  • Modifying designs and re-testing - there are several stages before a product is ready for manufacturing.
  • Reporting - writing or presenting regular progress reports for project managers and clients.
  • Environmental evaluation - taking into account the environmental contact of new products and their manufacturing processes and how they would be safely disposed of.
Skills and interests
As per expert engineering employment consultants to be a good design engineer you need:
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • A creative approach for generating new ideas
  • A sound knowledge of CAD software
  • An excellent grasp of engineering and design principles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An perceptive of manufacturing processes and building methods
  • Good team working skills
  • An appreciation of business demands
  • An awareness of the environmental impact of design ideas.
You will normally need a foundation degree, BTEC HNC/HND or degree. You could choose from a wide range of subjects, including engineering product design, industrial design, computer-aided design engineering, engineering design and manufacture and materials science.
Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering could also be adequate.
For details of accredited scope in this field consult a professional recruitment agency.
Once you're working, you'll continue to train on the job. If you have a degree, you may be able to start on a graduate apprenticeship in engineering - The Institution of Engineering Designers has details.
You can also help your career development via working towards integrated or chartered status. To do this, you must register with your specialized industry body or consult an expert recruitment consultant like MM Enterprises.
As an incorporated engineer, you will specialize in the day-to-day management of engineering operations. At chartered level, you will have a more strategic role, planning, researching and developing new ideas, and streamlining management methods.
As an experienced design engineer, you will find opportunities across a lot of industries, including construction, construction engineering and building services; electronics and consumer goods manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, railways and motor vehicles and power generation.
With experience and proper guidance through best Engineering employment firm , you could gain promotion to become a project manager, strategic planner or consultant design engineer.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Recruit Professional Teachers

The education system is facing a crisis in the number of teachers and education faculty in today’s era. With the departure of younger teachers frustrated by the stress of working in low-performing schools is fueling a calamity in teacher ratio that is impacting school districts substantially as they scramble to fill their ranks for the fall term.

Supervisors and Education recruitment agencies across the nation say the challenge of putting a qualified teacher in every classroom is heightened in subjects like math and science and is a particular struggle in high-poverty schools, where the turnover is lowest. Thousands of classes in such schools have opened with substitute teachers in recent years.

Here in metro cities, turnover had become quite stable in some highly reputed schools where principals were hiring new teachers for nearly every class, every term. To staff its neediest schools before classes start next session, recruiters have been advertising nationwide, organizing teacher fairs and offering one of the nation’s largest recruitment bonuses to instructors who sign up to teach overall subjects.

Education recruitment consultants also struggle a lot in finding teachers with matching criteria. The reasons differ as per the state, school and regulations. For some the pay is low, few can not handle the stress and others are just not interested.

Hundreds of candidates who have been selected for the post of teachers are seeking immediate vacation of the stay granted on their recruitment. Probably there is a need to change the overall cretiria of selecting the teachers as per primary, middle and senior level education so as to fulfill the ratio and provide education to all.

The candidates those have been selected to be appointed through a legitimate process, the state government should immediately take steps to get recruited.

Professional recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises provide faculty and administrator recruitment, leadership search, and strategic consulting services to independent, international, and like-kind schools. 

Many employment firms are recognized as the preeminent recruiter of teachers and administrators for PK-12 schools worldwide. Such firms have unparalleled expertise in retained head of school and top administrator executive search services for clients in India and abroad.

These Consulting Group offers professional, management consulting in governance, institutional assessment, compensation analysis, board evaluation and strategic planning. So, what are you waiting for? Just make the most out of it and hire well trained and qualified teachers for your schools, institutes, etc.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Job Responsibility of Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineering comprises of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as functional to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their relevant engineering subsystems. Thus, the recruitment is this field has to be specified and under particular parameters. Thus, one should choose a specialized Engineering Recruitment Agency to do the needful.
Automotive engineers work in three main areas:
· product engineering or design engineering - designing and testing a part, pertaining it meets all its requirements and executes as required;
· development engineering - engineering the attributes of the automobile;
· manufacturing engineering - determining how to make it.
Once established, automotive engineers usually specialize in a particular area, for example structural design, exhaust systems or engines. They are usually involved in at least one of three general areas of employment - research, design or testing. In smaller, independent engineering firms, automotive engineers may do all three of these tasks.
Typical work activities
Automotive engineers usually specialize in a particular area of work. However, as per professional recruitment consultants typical work activities may include:
· designing and producing visual interpretations of automobiles and their components using computer-aided design packages;
· deciding on the most appropriate materials for component production;
· pertaining mechanical, thermodynamic, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical principles to resolve engineering problems and find appropriate solutions;
· structuring prototypes of components, developing test procedures and conducting tests using software packages and physical testing methods;
· researching, designing and developing machinery and systems for automobiles;
· preparing material, cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications;
· revising the energy, environmental and safety aspects of the planned work;
· supervising and inspecting the installation, modification and commissioning of mechanical systems in industrial facilities or plants;
· investigating mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems;
· guiding technicians, technologists and other engineers, and reviewing and approving designs, calculations and cost estimates;
· mediating with suppliers and handling supply chain management issues;
· captivating responsibility for individual projects, managing associated budgets, production schedules and resources (including staff), and supervising quality control;
· examining and even test driving vehicles and checking for faults.
There is a wide range of career options open to automotive engineers. It is possible to advance to supervisory and senior management positions within a company or to specialize in a particular area. With experience, it is possible to progress to senior engineer roles, project team management, general management and recruitment consultancy.

For more details you may consult expert Engineering Employment Firms like MM Enterprises