Friday, February 28, 2014

How to introduce candidates by consultancies?

Consultancies are free to take interviews of the job seekers. Some companies seek for experienced people while BPOs and many other organizations prefer no experience at the entry level. The consultancies should know for which sector they are recruiting and taking interviews. They need to categorize the candidate as Fresher or skilled worker. If the candidate is the skilled person then there should be a proper mention of the job he/she has handled, the role and the responsibilities and the achievements made so that the searching company could understand whether the candidate would fulfill its criteria or not. To introduce candidates the consultancies should mention the stream in which the candidates belong to and the objective of the candidate like whether the job-seeker is interested for the managerial posts like middle/senior management posts or entry level positions or higher management levels.
The companies find it interesting only if any of the physical things matches the choice of the preferred company. But the companies look for the competencies which are possessed by the candidates. The consultancies need to describe the skills they possess, the motivations they have, whether they have any inclination towards that job or not, managerial skills they possess like working in a team, how the candidate comes out as the leader by framing a opinion which represent their attitude and behavior all reflect the company’s interest in hiring a candidate. About the candidate whatever the consultancies gather should be reported in a straight forward manner so that the company can have a picture about the candidate before meeting the actual candidate. The description should be simple so that the recruiters can understand whether the candidate is a monolingual or multilingual and what his basic skills are.
Consultancies should remember that they are to supply all details about the candidate to the employers. Only then the employers could be able to select the right candidate of their choice as per their requirement.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to make a tailor made resume

How to make a tailor made resume
The resume is the summary of your academic and professional world which a company would check for selecting its candidates. It is an important part which on reading any HR or any consultancy understands the candidate virtually. After that the company decides whether to call the candidate for the interview or not. So it is important from the part of the candidate to include all information in the resume. The candidate has to remember the undergraduate and postgraduate days and even the formative years in order to remember every activity where the candidate participated and honored either by the institution or by the community. With the highest academic degree attained by the candidate along with the co-curricular activities participated and honored, he or she should then focus on the previous jobs held whether paid or unpaid and the responsibilities already handled.
After this recollection process is over then the focus would be on the application of the present job. It is important to know that the job you are applying for would allow you to answer all questions related to the job during interview. So the basic understanding of the nature of the job is highly important while answering the professional questions. It should focus on the present job and the achievement.  This could only help the candidate in landing on to a job. To whom the candidate reports and why he is search of a job should be clearly mentioned.

But after the inclusion of the job-related details, the candidate should include the list of skills which he or she possesses. They are like the number of languages the candidate could speak and write the computer programs that the candidate could handle and learn quickly and efficiently as per the need of the company should be properly mentioned in the whole resume. Since resume is basically a way of selling oneself to an employer so the tailor made resume should have the candidate’s strength and weakness where a company would look a candidate’s positive resources in details. Last but not the least comes the salary part where the candidate should mention its current salary and the expected salary. References at the end should be there for allowing companies to check verifications.

Monday, February 24, 2014

What is the Difference between paid and unpaid recruitment consultancy

What is the difference between paid and unpaid recruitment consultancy?
Unpaid recruitment consultancy is an amateur agency. When as an employer you are searching wildly your employees for your organization for the very important positions of your business in order to drive profit and run your business then you cannot just rely on these unpaid consultancy firms. These unpaid consultancy firms take money from the candidates and so they send anybody and everybody for any vacant position available in any organization without judging candidate’s skills and abilities. They do not study the need of the organization.
But paid consultant firms are totally different. They would take the first, second or even third round of interviews of the candidates before presenting them to the employer. They make research on your organization. For the positions remaining vacant they would prepare customized questions regarding the psychometric tests. The psychometric tests would provide a clear indication of the candidates’ problem solving skills, communicative ability, his application of wit in handling situational problems and dealing the situation in one’s own way. All these suggest the candidate’s intellectual competency. If the organization goes through the results of the psychometric tests, then at least an organization can understand some of the basic skills required to drive the organization.
Depending on the amount you as an employer paying to the consultancy firms, they can make further tests on the candidate’s competency like holding a telephonic interview before calling them for the group interviews or group discussions. The test on general knowledge, the candidate’s analytical skill like drawing conclusions and writing something very coherently like expressing a thought are some f the essential qualities which an employer looks for a responsible post in his organization. There might be many competing for the same post but to choose the creamy candidate for your organization you need to take the help of a paid recruiting consultancy firm.

A good place to start looking for recruitment agencies in India is Recruitment Agencies that has shortlisted recruitment agencies based on their expertise and experience so that you connect only with the best recruitment agency for which are looking for manpower from India. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reasons to Hire a Professional Recruitment Consultancy

 Reasons to hire a professional recruitment consultancy

Business owners or the business managers have to keep themselves awake throughout night to get the right productive candidate with intellectual competency and having the right culture for business. In that case, hiring a professional recruitment consultancy could come up for real help in finding the suitable candidate for the employers of small business.
1.       Hiring a professional recruitment consultancy would save a lot of time and deliver good results in finding the right and suitable candidate.
2.       These recruitment agencies are costly because they understand the job profile of the candidate. Then they first take two or three rounds of the interview and serve the report about the candidate.
3.       If the business owners do not have the proper human resources management department then the same work is done by these professional agencies.
4.       These recruiting consultancies conduct the structured interviews consisting of around ten to fifteen questions regarding the skills and abilities of the candidates.
5.       These agencies would shortlist the candidates and send only two or three best candidates for the post.
6.       The recruitment agencies would judge the candidate’s communicative skills, his talent in handling different problems, his problem-solving attitude, and even the online psychometric tests. The psychometric tests are valuable for the organization or the firm because these results are hardly fake which the companies would look for the results. These results show the motivational skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and behavior and the personal values of the candidate.
7.       Generally the small business organizations do not have enough time in hand to conduct all tests and select the right candidate. For all these tests the recruitment agency could even charge a few thousand dollars but they make customized questions according to the need of the organization.
8.       Before sending the candidates to you, these agencies would make the candidates aware of the responsibilities in the job and about the company itself.

So, if as an employer you want to save time and find the right recruitment agency then you might check they have a diverse range of recruitment agencies having expertise in various verticals. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 Tips for Web cam interview process

5 Tips for Web cam interview process

1.       While taking the interview over skype the interviewer should follow certain tips. Before the interview schedule the interviewer should be sure of the downloaded apparatus with proper username and password. The space should have adequate light and not disturbed by anyone.
2.       The interviewer should research about the candidate’s resume. There should be a ready preparation of the questions to be asked on the basis of the resume. Whether a candidate knows  about job requirements or the role in the company is to be checked by the interviewer through various questions. Even if he does not know how far the candidate would be ready to learn things faster, that is the candidate’s grasping power all need to be tested through the interviews.
3.       On-screen interviews should have the eye-contact with the candidate. The interviewer can judge a candidate’s answer if he gets a well-thought of answer and a surface-level answer. Whether the candidate is positive or not and if he is ready to take up challenges or not could be judged through the body language of the candidate.
4.       The candidate’s interest in the organization can be tested if the interviewer asks some of the following questions like-
a)      What is the most typical quality required in order to be successful in the applied position?
b)      Do you know about the typical day in the company?
c)       Do you know how to get hold of the person if you have any questions afterward?
5.       The interviewer as the employer in the organization should be ready with some questions like the following:
a)      Why do you want to work in this organization?
b)      Please tell us something about yourself where you have succeeded and failed.
c)       What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
d)      Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?
e)      Why will this organization hire you?

Only from these answers the interviewer could get some fair idea about the candidates’ general knowledge and his communicative power.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to analyze the need of Overseas recruitment consultancy

There is a momentum of recruiting staff overseas to meet the demands of the shortage of skills in the global market. There are numerous small and medium sized businesses in overseas to meet the demands. So, the overseas recruitment should be on the basis of the skills and attitude of the candidates.
The migrant worker should be considered as an asset to the business and not a liability. Without the proper international recruitment agency, the overseas employers would fail to get the right kind of candidates for their business. It is for this reason that the overseas recruitment consultancy tries to find the right candidate for the SMEs. A wrong choice would lose time, effort and all the money for which the employer might have decided to pay to the migrant candidate.
Recruitment agency is a dynamic industry. It sometimes overwhelms and sometimes confuses both the employers and as well as the candidates. But its role in connecting the global vacancies with the right kind of the candidate is amazing. Generally, the overseas recruitment agencies have the offices set up across globe. Even they operate in different countries with different registration documents. The employers generally upload the vacancies in their websites from which these overseas agencies get in touch with the employers directly.

A simple CV or some online assessment might not help to these SMEs who in many cases do not have proper HR Department. In that case, these employers would have to depend on the proper recruitment agency which would serve as the help to these organizations. A reputed recruitment agency working as the bridge between the employers and employees in two different parts of the globe have the understanding of the laws of different countries. They are liable to check the valid passport of the employees and also check if the company is running smoothly and not a fake one.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Willingness in hiring the Indian Engineers

Willingness in hiring the Indian Engineers     
Indian Engineers have the adequate knowledge in different streams. They are professionally qualified with sufficient knowledge to meet the demands of the market. They have a very formal approach to shift anywhere or at any part of the globe. They are fond of evergreen jobs and if gets the basic opportunity to prove themselves then they do not leave that spirit. They keep that challenge in their minds at any time.
Hiring Indian engineers means that they are well-equipped with technological skills. Since technology has the global demand in the global market, so these Indian engineers are skilled and innovative in their approach to fulfill the needs of the global demands. They could cope up with any sort of learning earnestly to satisfy the employers and could soon make the new learning into a user-friendly and time-saving tool.
These Indian engineers could submit the job on time with great deal of accuracy almost towards perfection. Moreover, these engineers are economical and efficient to the highest order. They can cope up with any modern technology which rejuvenates to the present requirement. For instance, in this globalized world there is a high demand of the programmers across the globe. If these programmers are from India then they could handle and deliver software with great accuracy and efficiently. The foreign employers if hire these Indian sensitive programmers then they should cheer their offshore success.

India is a densely populated country with abundant of human resources. The other countries should recognize the potential of India. They should know that Indian engineers are intellectually strong and able to make any program economically. As a result, along with other engineering fields, the engineers available from different categories of engineering streams have attained success globally and are being recognized by the foreign employers. But these Indian programmers are recognized in doing miracles in the stream of programming which indirectly gave the global offshore success. For all these reasons there is willingness in hiring the Indian Engineers.