Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to target the recruitment of Top management positions

In the corporate sector there are three main levels of manpower that work together and run a company- executive, middle and top or management level. The roles and responsibilities of these levels are bifurcated as per their profile, qualification and field of work. Thus, the professionals required for either of these levels are judged under different parameters by their respective heads or recruitment consultants. Usually since the process of recruitment is vital and crucial thus, companies hire or outsource professional recruitment agency to do the job of staffing on their behalf. This not only saves time and efforts but, also ensures potential candidates and skilled professionals for the vacant position.
Now to consult a professional staffing consultant all you need to do is refer through the online and offline sources. Pick and select a few considering their clientele, area of expertise for instance, whether they are an engineering consultant or healthcare employment agency like MM Enterprises, services and last but, not the least the fees which they would charge for either of the service which they offer. Once you are through with this then comes the strategy to target the recruitment of higher level professionals.
An experienced employment firm would consider the following parameters to select management positions:
  • Extensive Research through online and offline modes of networking
  • Match the individual or candidate and company requirements
  • In-depth analysis of selected candidates
  • Short listing the best potential candidates for the particular profile
  • Fixing nominations for face to face or online interviews
  • Process the papers of selected aspirants
  • Matching the pay package and any other specifications
  • Finally, selecting the right or preferred aspirant
The above mentioned steps need a lot of time and efforts from the consultants and a little bit of cooperation from the company as well. If the company knows exactly what kind of employee they are looking for with exact or specified skills and qualification in particular then the agency works upon it and tries to get the best for the employer. Similar goes with the candidates.
Another thong that should be kept in mind while hiring for any top management position is that how flexible the professional is. For instance, if there is a packed situation wherein the aspirant has to make a crucial decision for their employees how will he handle it without spoiling the company’s market position. These crucial points make a big difference for any professional or the company itself.
So, now you know that the best key to target the recruitment of Top management positions is to outsource an expert employment firm.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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How to search the right employee for different industry?

Recruitment is not an easy job! Leave experienced professionals, even for hiring a fresher a recruitment consultant has to study and analyze the profile of the candidate and tries to match it with the company’s requirement. For a single vacant position, many candidates are approached and nominations are fixed as per a suitable date and time. Besides, this there are other factors that are taken into consideration such as pay package, work knowledge, company’s and candidate’s requirement, etc. Thus, searching the right employee for different sectors is crucial and time consuming at the same time.
Now, to hire it right there are professional staffing techniques for which the companies may outsource an expert employment agency and if you want to cross check the candidates at your end in the final interview then try and ask simple and smart questions to know the interests and hobbies of the aspirant. You may ask about the hobbies and interests of the aspirant or something like that. Taking an example, if you are hiring an IT candidate and one applicant spends most of his free time playing high-tech gadgets, whereas another plays baseball or collect cards and rare coins, all other things being equal, you should then go for the gadget guy.
Today, there is a wide scope of career opportunities as there are many established business sectors that are looking for fresh and innovative talent such as:
And many more! Each and every industry carries different roles and responsibilities and diverse business objectives and purposes thus, a recruitment agency has to go as per the specific requirement of the industry and profile and then carry ahead there process of staffing.
Given below are few other tips for interviewing and hiring the right employee for a job for any level or position:
  1. Trust your intuitions and be alert. While questioning the candidate, if he or she shifts from the main question or is hesitant or rude while answering that you get to know that there is something wrong.
  2. Stick to your ethics. If a professional is over qualifies or under qualifies then there is no harm in telling that person about it. The main idea is to recruit the best and leave a positive impact about the company you work for.
  3. Never rush through the process as you might be under pressure to get the guy on board ASAP. It can later prove to be crucial and expensive.
  4. Have the head team member interview each candidate beside you. Along with the hiring manager, use subordinate-level heads to interviewer aspirants for diverse perspectives.
  5. Get feedback straight away after the interview. This way you can get unfiltered, unbiased feedback, as it is still fresh in interviewer’s mind. Try and avoid group thinking and peer pressure.
For a critical or senior level position, always go for a final one-on-one interview with the top candidate. If you hire a professional recruitment consultant then leave the work to the expert!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Why Infrastructure development is necessary for any of country?

The infrastructural development plays a noteworthy role in upgrading the economic growth of any nation. It is a key support to urbanization and commercialization. The efficiency of private sector participating in infrastructural development would be reliant upon the ability to commercialize these projects. Thus, a fast growing economy guarantees an even faster expansion of infrastructure and growth of the society indeed. The construction industry comprises of diverse work projects and thus, recruiting staff for this sector is certainly not an easy job. The career opportunities in this business segment are lucrative and ever growing. So, if any one is looking forward to go ahead and try their hands on this sector must consult an expert construction recruitment agency domestic recruitment / international recruitment agency for better understanding. Besides, companies dealing in the infrastructural development sector must go for recruitment consultants who have a prior experience and good clientele and resources to hire manpower and professionals keen to work on projects comprising building of Roadways/Highways, Nuclear Project, Hydro/Thermal power & energy project, Oil and Gas Project, Real estate building project, etc. To make any sector successful the man power and professionals involved plays a significant role. It is they who make it happen with every possible effort and bring it to the heights of success. Thus, the employment agencies have to be extra careful to bring in a right fit for such a crucial sector. The work culture of construction industry and companies involved in it is very extensive. There are professionals in this field who work for 24X7 to make sure that the deal is done any how. From planning to execution the roles and responsibilities of professionals in this sector is diverse and critical. From infrastructure designing engineers to development officers or administrators, it requires an expert eye to recognize the potential of the candidate and choose them for the right profile. Thus, it is always advisable to consult or outsource professional construction or infrastructure development recruitment consultants to get the best employment service in this segment. Although this is not comprehensive, it would certainly make people realize the importance of infrastructural development in a nation and surface the way for faster a development in future. By realizing the potential of manpower and resources and by making human capital productive anyone can do wonders in this field. One can pace up the process of development by revising, resuming and upgrading the constructive plans with a long-term outlook. It is just that one has to firmly believe that restructuring is the pre-requisite for success and reforming infrastructure sustains growth.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Structural Design engineers are in high demand

The structural or construction industry varies with the diverse roles and responsibilities of its designers. Apart from being the developers, the professionals are involved in the planning, designing, production, electrical and various other constructional activities. There is certainly a have a high demand for design engineers in the structural sector and the scope of this field is very promising indeed. In addition, another significant field employing design engineers is that of sector of civil engineering. The work area of government-funded public sectors hire engineers for the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, harbors, etc. Divisions of the civil engineering segment involve architectural engineering and building engineering for design engineers. The entire construction industry can be bifurcated into various significant segments that include specific work responsibilities and profiles. For instance, a design engineer is required to design and work on software systems for the software or automobile or medical equipment industry. Thus, it requires a lot of efforts, research and hard work to recruit engineers and other manpower for such a decisive sector. Thus, specialized Structural and construction recruitment agency is hire to do the needful. There are certain parameters that have to be kept in mind while hiring for companies involved in this particular sector such as: ü Industry trends and work culture ü Extensive profile research ü Technical knowledge and expertise of candidate ü Exposure in the particular industry ü Strategic management solutions ü Advanced online and offline staffing technique, etc. One of the key employers of the design engineers is the Aerospace industry. The range of jobs in this segment can vary from the structural designing of aircrafts or spacecrafts to the designing of their navigation, instrumentation or communication systems. This could engage design and engineering work on commercial aircrafts, helicopters, satellites, space probes, rockets, etc. Further, design engineers in the mechanical and civil engineering segments usually work for companies that deal in designing naval vessels for government or ports where ships are examined and repaired. This shows the certain and lucrative career prospect and high demand of structural engineers. Professional engineering recruitment consultants fix nominations, schedule interviews, carry ahead the entire employment process and bring forward the best potential structural designers and engineers to work with the top companies dealing in this sector. Since the demand of engineers is high thus, after a thorough assessment of the potential, knowledge and expertise of a particular candidate the employment firms get the right match for both the candidate and employer ion structural field of business.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hiring tips for energy segment

The energy industry consists of companies involved in the production and sales of energy, together with manufacturing, fuel extraction, distillation and supply. Today’s contemporary society consumes large quantity of fuel. The energy segment is a central part of the infrastructure, development and maintenance of the society around the world. The energy industry is bifurcated into various sectors: The petroleum sector, comprising oil companies, fuel transport, petroleum refiners, end-user sales at gas stations, etc. The gas industry, comprising natural gas extraction and coal gas manufacture as well as distribution and sales the electrical power industry the nuclear power industry the coal industry the renewable energy industry As this is a diverse sector with an assortment of responsibilities thus, not all employment agencies can recruit well for the energy industry. Companies outsource specialized energy recruitment consultants who are well versed with the industry and know the trends and work culture of this segment. Such specialist consultants put their best efforts, do extensive research to come up with the best fit that not only helps the company to grow but, indirectly adds on to the nation’s economy. There is a wide range of energy staffing solutions offered by such expert agencies such as executive research, consulting, overseas hiring and other advanced human resource management services, etc. to the energy companies. The energy recruitment segment industry is rapidly posing itself as an crucial advisor for professionals and companies in the universal energy industry. Research: The professional recruitment agency should render a complete suite of detail and knowledge covering both the practical and commercial aspects of this industry. The specialist in-house analysts shall hand on research work on concerned matters. The experts shall also produce yearly reports and journals commencing with key issues within the industry. Networking: Through the network of various academic and other institutions and energy business experts, the energy recruitment consultants should carry out bespoke research customized to suit detailed client needs. They shall comprehend that the energy industry is access to a global network of specialists and thus, put the 'right' resources together to pact with entity client requirements. Planning: Energy advisors should join forces with clients to give real insights stand on value adding strategies. The agency’s expertise shall solely be within the energy industry, to seize technical analysis and tactic evaluation to depths. Execution: The global set-up of energy business subject experts shall uniquely be positioned to present tailored solutions to assist clients manage their specific challenges and back up planning and decision making. The energy recruitment consultants shall also match students/professionals regularly with oil, gas and other related companies around the world to bring forward the best talent and opportunities for both the company and the candidate.

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