Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to search the right employee for different industry?

Recruitment is not an easy job! Leave experienced professionals, even for hiring a fresher a recruitment consultant has to study and analyze the profile of the candidate and tries to match it with the company’s requirement. For a single vacant position, many candidates are approached and nominations are fixed as per a suitable date and time. Besides, this there are other factors that are taken into consideration such as pay package, work knowledge, company’s and candidate’s requirement, etc. Thus, searching the right employee for different sectors is crucial and time consuming at the same time.
Now, to hire it right there are professional staffing techniques for which the companies may outsource an expert employment agency and if you want to cross check the candidates at your end in the final interview then try and ask simple and smart questions to know the interests and hobbies of the aspirant. You may ask about the hobbies and interests of the aspirant or something like that. Taking an example, if you are hiring an IT candidate and one applicant spends most of his free time playing high-tech gadgets, whereas another plays baseball or collect cards and rare coins, all other things being equal, you should then go for the gadget guy.
Today, there is a wide scope of career opportunities as there are many established business sectors that are looking for fresh and innovative talent such as:
And many more! Each and every industry carries different roles and responsibilities and diverse business objectives and purposes thus, a recruitment agency has to go as per the specific requirement of the industry and profile and then carry ahead there process of staffing.
Given below are few other tips for interviewing and hiring the right employee for a job for any level or position:
  1. Trust your intuitions and be alert. While questioning the candidate, if he or she shifts from the main question or is hesitant or rude while answering that you get to know that there is something wrong.
  2. Stick to your ethics. If a professional is over qualifies or under qualifies then there is no harm in telling that person about it. The main idea is to recruit the best and leave a positive impact about the company you work for.
  3. Never rush through the process as you might be under pressure to get the guy on board ASAP. It can later prove to be crucial and expensive.
  4. Have the head team member interview each candidate beside you. Along with the hiring manager, use subordinate-level heads to interviewer aspirants for diverse perspectives.
  5. Get feedback straight away after the interview. This way you can get unfiltered, unbiased feedback, as it is still fresh in interviewer’s mind. Try and avoid group thinking and peer pressure.
For a critical or senior level position, always go for a final one-on-one interview with the top candidate. If you hire a professional recruitment consultant then leave the work to the expert!

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