Friday, February 28, 2014

How to introduce candidates by consultancies?

Consultancies are free to take interviews of the job seekers. Some companies seek for experienced people while BPOs and many other organizations prefer no experience at the entry level. The consultancies should know for which sector they are recruiting and taking interviews. They need to categorize the candidate as Fresher or skilled worker. If the candidate is the skilled person then there should be a proper mention of the job he/she has handled, the role and the responsibilities and the achievements made so that the searching company could understand whether the candidate would fulfill its criteria or not. To introduce candidates the consultancies should mention the stream in which the candidates belong to and the objective of the candidate like whether the job-seeker is interested for the managerial posts like middle/senior management posts or entry level positions or higher management levels.
The companies find it interesting only if any of the physical things matches the choice of the preferred company. But the companies look for the competencies which are possessed by the candidates. The consultancies need to describe the skills they possess, the motivations they have, whether they have any inclination towards that job or not, managerial skills they possess like working in a team, how the candidate comes out as the leader by framing a opinion which represent their attitude and behavior all reflect the company’s interest in hiring a candidate. About the candidate whatever the consultancies gather should be reported in a straight forward manner so that the company can have a picture about the candidate before meeting the actual candidate. The description should be simple so that the recruiters can understand whether the candidate is a monolingual or multilingual and what his basic skills are.
Consultancies should remember that they are to supply all details about the candidate to the employers. Only then the employers could be able to select the right candidate of their choice as per their requirement.

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