Monday, February 24, 2014

What is the Difference between paid and unpaid recruitment consultancy

What is the difference between paid and unpaid recruitment consultancy?
Unpaid recruitment consultancy is an amateur agency. When as an employer you are searching wildly your employees for your organization for the very important positions of your business in order to drive profit and run your business then you cannot just rely on these unpaid consultancy firms. These unpaid consultancy firms take money from the candidates and so they send anybody and everybody for any vacant position available in any organization without judging candidate’s skills and abilities. They do not study the need of the organization.
But paid consultant firms are totally different. They would take the first, second or even third round of interviews of the candidates before presenting them to the employer. They make research on your organization. For the positions remaining vacant they would prepare customized questions regarding the psychometric tests. The psychometric tests would provide a clear indication of the candidates’ problem solving skills, communicative ability, his application of wit in handling situational problems and dealing the situation in one’s own way. All these suggest the candidate’s intellectual competency. If the organization goes through the results of the psychometric tests, then at least an organization can understand some of the basic skills required to drive the organization.
Depending on the amount you as an employer paying to the consultancy firms, they can make further tests on the candidate’s competency like holding a telephonic interview before calling them for the group interviews or group discussions. The test on general knowledge, the candidate’s analytical skill like drawing conclusions and writing something very coherently like expressing a thought are some f the essential qualities which an employer looks for a responsible post in his organization. There might be many competing for the same post but to choose the creamy candidate for your organization you need to take the help of a paid recruiting consultancy firm.

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