Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which is the right selection Diploma or Degree Holder.

In the quest of finding their dream job, professionals often get confused in the initial stages of choosing the right education. Today, there are countless universities offering hundreds of courses, specifications, degrees and diplomas. In this case, it very usual to get confused while choosing your stream.

Before getting into a conclusion it is required that you take expert consultation. Just go to a professional recruitment consultant, discuss your interests, add-ons, negatives and then decide upon the courses you should go for. Select the best among the list as per your preference. Many people get confused as which course to go for- is degree or diploma is the right option for them. Well, both has different parameters and business goals. Any degree course offers you a detailed study in the respective industry and a diploma course would just give you a specialization in a particular area.

Given below is the difference between a degree and a diploma course:
Degree (Bachelor's)
years of study
3-5 years (integrated)
1-3 years
You are allowed to choose your specialisation / electives during your study. (esp. in honours and technical field)
The subject of study is set at the beginning of the course with no specific changes.
conducted by
Universities (Govt. recognised)
Private Colleges / Institutions and Government Universities
scope of study
It covers a wide area of study related to various field

viz., engineering, science, history, psychology, commerce, management, environment etc.

with scope of specialisations and research in different areas of study..

civil, mechanical, aviation etc., (engineering)
Astronomy (science)
architecture, culture (history)
accounts, finance (commerce)
business, human resources, finance (management)
climate change, pollution (environment)
In short, degree has wider scope of study focusing trade and research.
It covers a course designed by the institute that is related to a specific trade/profession…

technical (engineering)
management (HR, finance etc.,)
In short, diploma is trade/profession specific.
route to higher studies
Bachelor’s Degree



Bachelor’s Degree

Post Graduate Diploma
Post Diploma
recognised by
All major institutions (including global) and industries (private and public) for higher studies and professional work.
Private institutions and industries for higher studies and professional work

Today, recruitment agencies like MM Enterprises prefer both as per the requirement of the company and job. Every field of work requires basic, detailed and specialized knowledge and has designations accordingly. Thus, always know your priorities, your need to do a course before actually doing it.

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