Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vocational disadvantages of nomination

Recruitment firms generally fix nominations or appointments on behalf of the employers with the aspirant candidates in order to undertake the interview or carry forward the recruitment process. It takes huge effort and time to fix these appointments as per the convenience of the employer as well as candidate. These nominations have their own pros and cons. Given below are some of the disadvantages of such nominations.
One of the basic problems being faced by recruitment consultant these days is that at times candidates do not turn up for the final interview after every thing has been scheduled. This not only creates a negative impact about the agency but, shows the unprofessional attitude of the candidate. Though the employment agency puts in every possible effort to meet the company’s as well as candidate’s requirement but, if the end result is nil then the entire hard work put in by consultants do not show up.
What can be the major reasons behind this? The likely causes could be:
 An unplanned job search
 Time constraints
 Urgent piece of work
 Personal reasons, etc.
 Reckless attitude
Every one has their own prior responsibilities however; a candidate must understand the work culture of a corporate sector. It is the loss of the aspirant professional who misses out a wonderful career opportunity as well as the employment consultants who loses the efforts put in to fix up the nominations. Besides, even the companies loose their precious time on such uncertain nominations.
Applicants must act professionally while responding to the recruitment agency and the company. Today, due to huge accessibility to jobs candidates act like this but, if they do not comprehend its long term effects then it might turn against them.
Numerous researches are made to match the candidate's profile and skills with company's requirement. Once this is done, recruitment consultants like MM Enterprises follow up the professionals to insure their availability to the respective venue on given time even then if the candidates do not show up then they certainly lack responsibility in their professional front. Besides, it is the candidate who looses a lucrative job from their hands.
The company too avoids getting involved with such a candidate for quite some time for showing up such an amateurish attitude and this leaves a negative impact on your candidature.So, recognize the significance of professionalism in the occupation you are in and make every effort to grow in your career.

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