Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Importance of Database to a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency has various roles to play amongst which few crucial ones are dealing with clients, job applicants and jobs itself. A recruitment agency like MM Enterprises needs to prepare, maintain and filter its database from time to time. It keeps record of all the resumes received from various job applicants. So basically a recruitment agency has a repository of the profiles of job seekers and job providers. In essence they analyse the database repository and chart out whether there is appropriate supply for current demand. Job providers are ready with vacancies whereas there are numerous applicants who are eyeing on open seats.

Can a recruitment agency fulfil requirements of both employers and employees without an accurate and up-to-date database? Never indeed. It is not possible to manage huge data manually. Thus, it is inevitable for a recruitment agency to adopt measures to organise and standardize the database. A well planned database is easy to access, modify, and filter. A recruitment agency has to rely heavily on database. Every new application coming in from job seekers adds to a new entry in the database and every new job opening coming from the employer also goes into the database. This is how independent entries are made for every operation, as a result of which candidates who are eligible for an IT company can be fetched on a single click. Power of database maintenance can never be ignored from a recruitment agency’s perspective.
In today’s era of technology, there are softwares which can store data online both from candidates as well as from companies. They are indeed very helpful for recruitment agencies as they are capable of performing a very crucial task automatically with great accuracy. Such softwares do not store redundant and/or bad data. They are designed very intelligently.

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