Monday, May 7, 2012

What is the Responsibility of Estimation Engineers?

Construction civil engineers have a great deal of responsibilities in their field. They are directly responsible for the management and planning when it comes to constructing reservoirs, dams, buildings, railroads, airports, bridges, and highways. Not only do they aid in designing but they also take part in estimating costs, scheduling, planning, obtaining materials, selecting equipment used, and controlling costs.
An estimation engineer has great deal of responsibilities on their shoulders. An estimation engineer is responsible for draughtsmen. He is required to give reports to business development manager. The objective of an estimation engineer is to estimate the value of project being tendered as a part of the business development.
The qualification required to be an estimation engineer is B.E (Mechanical / Electrical). Among the several roles and responsibilities played by estimation engineer the major ones are :
• Scrutiny of tender documents 
• Evaluating tender documents, drawings, & schedules
• Floating Enquiries to Suppliers / Manufacturers
• Comparison Studies based on suppliers Quotations
• Negotiations with suppliers on both technical and commercial aspects of product.
• Based on Clients budget constraints for any specific project, carrying out Value engineering studies.
• Maintaining ISO documentation, Record Keeping, Suppliers/Manufacturers Data Bank records.
• Delegating Draftsmen for quantity take offs, cross checking quantities.
• Pricing for electrical / mechanical / plumbing systems
• Assisting in compiling of tenders.
• Making Pre-Qualification documents, both standards as well project specific questionnaires
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