Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are you recruiting sales staff?

Recruiting sales representatives for any sales manager or supervisor is a critical task. Sales staff is the revenue generating team for the company. Hence, they need to be highly alert while making selection of sales staff. Right sales staff selection ensures right work operations and trouble free working. Wrong recruitment of sales staff can spell disaster for the entire company which they might have to pay their entire life. Wrong selection is like digging a loop hole for you.

Here, recruitment officials really need to have strict and clear protocols so as to whom to select for the sales job.
Reality Check: It is very surprising that more than 85% of lead managers or supervisors do not have clear cut training regarding the employee selection process.
Therefore, in such a scenario increasingly many companies are reaching out to manpower outsourcing. After suffering loses due to wrong recruitment of sales staff, companies’ managers are realising that recruitment is an art. It is not everybody’s piece of cake.
It is important to know that experience is different from expertise. They are non overlapping terms. A person can commit a same mistake in spite of years of experience especially in the selling job. This is one of the classic examples to distinguish experience from expertise. In order to gain expertise, one needs to work deliberately in that directly whole heartedly.
Recruitment agency like MM Enterprises is the one stop destination for all your sales staff recruiting requirements. A recruitment consultancy constitutes of a panel of experts at hiring sales representatives. They possess the correct acumen to judge the capabilities as well as the loyalty of a candidate. They have an eagle’s eye to detect candidates who is like to do wrong to company or who would back off easily from his or her responsibilities. They can never go wrong in selection of sales representatives. A sales representative must be confident and should be able to convince any customer to buy the company’s product. After screening candidates against a set of parameters, then only they are hired as sales representatives.

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