Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Job description of Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for the management, executing and wrapping up the various important aspects of the project. A management level degree is required for a project manager. The managers are placed at the middle level of the job hierarchy where they would be heeding on to the top management of the company. A project manager is responsible for the day to day operations and ensures that every process goes on smoothly. The ultimate goal for any project is to maximize the output with the minimum utilization of resources and the managers are expected to do exactly that. The projects may vary according to the field of expertise and other factors. Some project may involve the internal analysis and other some other criterion which need to fulfilled accordingly.

The job description of a project manager varies according to the industry in which the manager is working in. the job profile of a manager employed in a production & manufacturing company is completely different from the project manager who is employed in an IT firm. Many managers have to undergo certification and other training to enhance their employability and worth in their respective industry. Here are some of the points which are common across a number of job descriptions which are given for the project manager.
a.       The desired person is expected to oversee the overall progress of the project. The person is inducted into the project after the planning phase.

b.      The manager must supervise the personnel that are involved in the project and they must ensure that the roles and tasks assigned to the persons are done in a productive manner.
c.       The administrators must also make sure that any changes in policies or relation doesn’t have a great impact on the project. The project manager must implement cost cuts and other techniques so as to avoid any overruns.

d.      The manager must communicate effectively with the personnel and other senior management of the company on regular basis so that he can constantly inform them about the status of the project.
e.       Managers are expected to plan timetables so as to ensure that the project remain always on schedule.
f.       The project manager must negotiate for the additional resources as and when the demand for the project arises.

Other key tasks such as maintenance, troubleshooting and beta testing needs to be done so as to ensure quality.

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