Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomes well trained professionals from all over the world. With the prevalent boom in the real estate sector, construction sector, manufacturing sector and service sectors due to magnificent growth in the tourism industry, there is large scale recruitment going on in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy with their expansive construction projects. They have charted out their construction project plans. Middle East and Gulf countries are highly focused on tourism industry. They have channelized their energies in constructing world famous epitomes like tallest building in the world, world’s most expensive airport, largest shopping mall, Dubailand which would be double the size of Disney World. All these projects in the pipeline of Saudi Arabia mark the need for highly skilled civil engineers from across the globe. Thus, large scale recruitment is expected in the construction sector.
There is huge scope for professionals in construction business both in terms of future growth and diversity. It also invites expatriates from around the world. It opens up extremely lucrative opportunities for every aspiring civil engineer.
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