Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to write a job description?

To get the right kind of the employees an effective job description from the employers could actually help the employees understand whether they are suitable for the position or not. This is an important communication between both the parties where the employers also get the fair idea about the capabilities of the chosen employees. It is such an important step where an employee’s career depends on the job description. If he could perform well in the company then he would get good annual performance reviews, raises in the same company or a hike in salary in the next company. Even promotions depend on the job description.
The job description should be strategically written to find out the universal standards so that there is no dearth of the candidates at present or in future. So there are some tips to write the job description as an employer.

1. Draft the job description properly so that from the couple of pages it could be reduced to a page with all following descriptions like the name of the post, department, name of the supervisor and the title, the required qualifications, the functions of the job and the anticipated results.

2. The content of the job description essentially brings out the success of the HR Department.

3. Each statement should contain action verbs in the present tense like supervise, organize, execute, educate etc.)

4. Clear and specific phrases should be used so that it does not become confusing to both the employers and the employees.

5. If the company faces with any sort of disability or unlawful termination suit, it should be kept open for the court’s interpretation.

6. The job description should be comprehensive assuming all major categories with proper description like physical (walking, bending or sitting etc.), learned skills with industry experience, duties in the job like hours in the job and travel and behavioral skills like leadership and communication.

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