Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to build a business in India?
The initial success to any startup Indian business is due to personal contacts. So networking becomes a vital issue to sustain the growth of any business in India. Business networking is an art that helps to build relationships only for some sort of mutual gain just like the way in any successful relationship there should be mutual benefits. “Etiquette” is the sets of ground rules which if liked should be followed otherwise these rules are not shunned by the community.

As an entrepreneur, you have different options of doing this business networking. Participation in networking does not mean that you need to sign in for all sites. You might start up with an active trade promotion association like Chamber of Commerce. For a business dealing with some high tech field, signing up with Indus Entrepreneurs or Nasscom might help you. Networking is the synergy between strengths and its various members to get accepted on the board. You need to give efforts by being present at the meetings, participating in various discussions and lending support at different quarters especially to initiatives and so on.
There are a lot of people with a heart to conquer would rush into business events which follow networking. Handing and collecting business cards is not the sole purpose of networking. There might be some unsuspecting callers who might give a call on Monday morning at the first hour. It is better not to approach them where your interest only lies. It is better yourself to be used by others since business does not happen unless you give something before expecting something.

If you want to build a business in India then successful networking demands an adherence to an unwritten code of conduct by building an undivided attention with a strong rapport and the basic courtesy. During any physical meeting the right body language is vital. Neither to stand too close nor too hard during this icebreaking stage since this is an important phase of networking. Discussions over phone or seeking references are an ideal way to start the networking in order to set up business in India.

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