Saturday, January 7, 2012

Architect Recruitment Process

In this technical world, architectures are playing an important role in designing buildings, dams, ships and so on. The good architecture is the one, who designs the construction in a way, such that it should be physically powerful for all seasons, even during the natural disasters. The creation should be in a manner, which should help the citizens to protect themselves from any harm. So, structural designer should have a creative mind to construct the buildings. Architecture Recruitment is the process of choosing an efficient architecture including fresher’s, experienced employees for various fields lying inside the architecture job.

If anyone wishes to be present at the interview for the post of Architecture, they should have completed the Bachelor of Architecture degree or should have done Bachelor of Science degree linked with architecture or should have done diploma courses in architecture. If any candidate completes a master’s degree in architecture, then high preference will be given to them.

Architecture recruitment can be done by the company or they may appoint any outsourcing agent like MM Enterprises to do the interview. To be recruited for architecture jobs, candidates should have registered for certain company with their personal details and their qualification. The project done by them during final year and the additional projects done by them can be included during the registration. This may help them to be preferred by the company, than other candidates.

If applicants are fresher’s, based on the educational qualifications, candidates will be called by the company for an interview. Experts in architecture field conduct interview for them where their knowledge will be tested. They may be asked questions from the architectural subjects, that they have studied or they may be asked to design any small constructions. However, questions are based on the interviewer. The person with whom the interviewer gets satisfied will be selected and they be given appointment letter.
If experienced candidates apply for architecture jobs, they will be asked to get the reference letter from any two higher officials of the previous working place. If the company is satisfied with his profile and the job satisfaction in previously worked company, he will be called for an interview and he will be interviewed. If he satisfies the interviewer he will be selected.

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