Monday, May 30, 2011

Social Audit

Social audit is a concept which scans the business obligations being discharged by the business enterprises and measures the social performance of an organization. The new age business persons are looking forward to the everyday challenges that come on their way and at the same time handling the business obligations of work place. Social obligations are a part of every organization. Be it owners, buyers, Govt., public, environment or employee, they are discharged with certain obligations from the organizations they are working in.
Usually with most of the business enterprises, economic aspects take the stand and often they do not realize the necessity of having their social performance on track. But it is really needed to understand the importance of social audit. Though there are no such particular methods to evaluate the standard of social performance of an organization, it contains certain features which will surely help you to understand the process.
First of all the organizations need to look after their social aspects. No doubt, the economical factors are significant. But somehow to assess its performance level, it should work on its social obligations. The work taken up by the organizations should have an impact on the society. It is a process that requires an analytical approach and should not be carried out only focusing on the results of social action. Consumerism, opportunities for women, environmental quality and the establishment of the disadvantaged people are some of the areas which should be taken into consideration. We have earlier pointed out that it’s a matter of social values. So it cannot be measured quantitatively. You also cannot measure the values in quantitative terms as the social norms may not be appeared as same to all individuals. So a feature which combines both qualitative and quantitative approach may derive the best result. For assessment of the performances, you can have an internal auditor. But his loyalty aspects may be questioned. And if you hire an external consultant , though he may remain unbiased, he will not know the business happenings of the organization. So you can combine them for a better assessment as they will be complementary to each other.
As this concept is totally new, most of the business enterprises find it quite a complex process to follow. But they are slowly beginning to learn its procedures to establish some social performance in this regard. Organizations explore and analyses their business aspects to make it easier for handling their future problems. The society provides them a great source of economical benefits in many ways. So they should realize their social responsibilities and contribute toward it in a better way.

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