Friday, April 5, 2013

Manpower employment outlook in Qatar for 2013-14

Looking for a job in Qatar? Well you’re not alone. Qatar is one of the most sought after places in the world where people look for overseas job opportunities. The emirates Middle East has become a great place to live and work of the great and innovative jobs and the lucrative yearly packages. Qatar is a place where you can have both money and creativity hand in hand, in a job that you love.

You will be more than happy to know that Qatar is on a manpower employment lookout in 2013-14. Many Multi National Companies are now establishing their base in Middle East too and they are choosing Qatar as their favorite pick. Due to this there are numerous manpower employment opportunities on the management front. You will find job vacancies for posts as high as Chief Executive Officer CEO, Chief Financial Officer CFO, Chief Operating Officer COO, Departmental Directors, etc to managerial posts like managers, specialists, analysts, clerks, receptionists, departmental supervisors, etc. You will even find lower level job opportunities in fields like janitorial staff, peon, electricians, plumbers, maintenance and repair guys, etc.

The economy of the Middle Eastern states like Qatar is totally concentrated in the petroleum market. Qatar like most of the Middle East states has oil, petroleum and gas reserves in abundance. Due to the growing petroleum needs of the world, it needs more manpower, resources and genius minds to fully utilize all of the oil reserves it has. Nowadays, tourism and real estate industries are on a full bloom too. Due to the high rate of growing international population in Qatar, many international schools have opened up too which are in need of some good teachers, due to which teaching has great job opportunities in Qatar. All in all a wide variety of manpower employment opportunities has come in Qatar for people to try out. 

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