Monday, March 4, 2013

What is the Difference between Mechanical Engineer & Civil Engineer in India?

Mechanical and Civil are the two different branches of Engineering. There are great differences between these two branches. There is an old proverb saying that Mechanical engineers design weapons and civil engineers design the targets. Though this is just a joke, the saying has got the core definition too. Mechanical engineers are the designers of all kinds of mechanical system. They are the people who are experts in assembling mechanism and thus construct various types of machineries. In simple words, mechanical engineers are the engineers dealing with machinery.

Mechanical engineering also includes the study of heat in motion which is known as Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics which is the study of the flow of compressible and incompressible fluids and the mechanical designing of electronic equipments like computers which is known as Mechatronics.  The products manufactured by mechanical engineers have a shorter life, smaller service and service.

Civil engineering is the largest branch of engineering and it deals with the construction of huge buildings, dams, bridges, canals and roads. The construction of natural environment also comes under civil engineering. Civil engineers are the infrastructure designers and their works will be long lasting for more years.
Designing and constructing such huge structures needs a lot of research and planning. A civil engineer must have great knowledge of surveying as he must be aware of all the property's mechanics and construction materials used in creating the structures. Civil engineer has to be an expert in the fields of fluid mechanics, soil and structure mechanics and hydraulics. This is a broad branch and it is sub- divided into a lot of fields. A civil engineer is required at all levels of a construction project. The project may be in private or government sector. Construction, transportation, hydraulic, irrigation, coastal and ocean engineering are the major fields of civil engineering. If you are looking for a construction recruitment agency you can visit MM Enterprises

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