Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The role of quality control manager & quantity surveyor in industry

Most commonly known as Assurance Head, a quality control manager has to work in every feasible production environment. Starting from FMCG industry to any government or non-government sector, a quality control person has to undergo a lot of responsibilities at one go. The respective manager trials production, analyzes it, and then makes proposal on how to increase the quality of the goods. It takes a firm hold of analytical as well as managerial concepts to be an expert in this specific field; quality control executives or heads work hard examining, evaluating, and preparing reports on production. These people are considered to be the final stage of defense between quality and shoddy work that may harm your company’s reputation.
The potential QC professionals act as educators additionally; informing people know that they are there to help everyone keeping product quality high. Congregating with executives, workers, and supervisors takes up a noteworthy percentage of the QC manager’s day, but most of their time is spent in testing and analyzing materials. Analytical methodologies are important; recommendations based on faulty data also hold equal significance. The remaining time of these professionals is spent writing reports, making proposals and doing other essentials. QC experts must maintain the current materials use, statistical studies, and technical advances that influence the ground of quality control. Thus, it is really essential that you take expert help or outsource a professional recruitment agency while hiring any quality control manager or similar associates.
Academic qualification
No precise academic requirements are there for quality control experts, but many positions in this field involves technical analysis and thus, recruitment consultants require bachelor’s degrees in technical field from the aspiring candidates. Contenders who have a degree in chemistry, physics or engineering are at an advantage through the job hunt; at a minimum, assignments should comprise statistics, mathematics and computer modeling, etc. Those who have only high school degrees are sponsored to take two- or three-year post-high school courses to get trained in the particular industry. Many of the industries such as automobile, aerospace, glassmaking, etc have demanding requirements pertaining to this sector. Quality control trainees primarily have to splurge significant time on a production floor analyzing behavior that affects quality control.
Allied career options
Quality control managers can easily find a number of detail-oriented jobs open to them. Those with financial backgrounds become accountants, financial advisors and loan officers more than anything else. A number with strong interpersonal skills become production supervisors and inventory managers, fields well-suited to their organizational abilities and analytic natures. For any requirement in this field, it is always better to consult a recruitment firm like MM Enterprises

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